Geeky Friday: Weekend Update | Avengers Hits $1 Billion Mark, Ridley Scott Talks Prometheus to EW

Marvel Studios is now as rich as Tony Stark: The Avengers again proved the top draw at the box office its second weekend, raking in a mind-boggling $100.3 million in ticket sales. That sum would have been a respectable opener, but to earn that much after scoring a record-breaking $207 million debut is unprecedented. After only 19 days, the film, unbelievably, has hit the $1 billion mark worldwide.

YOWZA! A billion in less than three weeks! Like the Hulk, that’s a lot of green‚ geeks rule, baby!

For the record, Dark Shadows limped in at a pale second place with $28.8 million in ticket sales. I’ve already ranted about this film, but to give credit where it’s due, the reviews were better than expected. Still, its opening was weak and its intake likely will fall off considerably next weekend. With Battleship, another big FX extravaganza with a hefty marketing campaign, opening May 18, it will be interesting to see if The Avengers can do a hat-trick and hold the top slot.

Alien DNA
Ridley Scott gives Entertainment Weekly a few more crumbs of information about the heavily-guarded plot of his highly anticipated SF release, Prometheus, and its relation to his masterpiece, Alien in the current issue. Scott says the film may have some Alien DNA and fans will notice some things, especially toward the end of Prometheus. Like 12 minutes from the end. But I can’t really say more than that. There are a few more tidbits from the cast and some cool pix, plus some talk about Scott possibly doing another Blade Runner flik, so check it out.

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