Geeky Friday: Batman: Death by Design, Avengers’ Box Office Bonanza, Universal Building Harry Potter Park in Japan

Batman has been reincarnated so many times and been given so many personalities, that even the most stalwart fans can’t keep track. This month, DC is releasing Batman:Death by Design, an original graphic novel by noted designer Chip Kidd. Although Kidd has snagged the Eisner Award four times, this is his comics writing debut. According to the publisher, Kidd combines elements of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis with a deadly mystery stemming from disasters happening all around Gotham City. The book is drawn by Dave Taylor.

After last weekend’s smash debut, The Avengers keeps going strong, passing the $250 million mark domestically. Worldwide, it’s earned well over $750 million. Unbelievable, considering it’s only been open two weeks or so. They don’t look like they’re gloating, do they?

Harry Potter and the Land of the Rising Sun
In its ongoing endeavor to separate tourists from as much of their money as possible, Universal Studios has announced the construction of a Harry Potter pavilion at its Japanese theme park operation. The exhibit will include Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and the accompanying rides. Sounds like Universal is simply replicating its Orlando Potter attraction, which is pretty damn cool. The Potter stuff is expected to open in Osaka in 2014. If you’ve never been to the Orlando Potter park, here are a slew of pix I shot there last December. I’m not a Potter guy at all, but it’s quite impressive.

Happy Birthday Uncle George!
Big, big, big Geeky Friday birthday wishes to George Lucas, who turns 68 on Monday, May 14. He catches a lot of crap in the geekosphere about his constant tinkering with the Star Wars OT, the Crystal Skull nuke-the-fridge mess, Jar-Jar, etc. I dislike Greedo shooting first as much as anyone, but we only have these things because of him, so cut the guy a break (I’m more pissed that he’s that old and still has a full head of hair). No Star Wars, no Indy‚ no thanks! What a lousy world that would be.

Hemingway said that all modern American literature comes from Huckleberry Finn. Not all, but a huge portion of modern SF/fantasy films and beyond comes from Star Wars and the numerous advances in film technology it sired.

So props to Lucas, warts and all. Happy birthday, Uncle George.

Happy Mother’s Day!
Don’t forget to call mom on Sunday. And if you haven’t already sent a card‚ you’re screwed, loser!

Happy weekend, all. Get your geek on!


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