Udini is Here!

On February 8th I posted about the coming of Udini, (You-dini), a product ProQuest has been developing for some time. It’s designed to connect serious researchers unaffiliated with college / university / research libraries to serious, high-quality research materials, providing “a centralized source for finding, acquiring, organizing, and using credible research material for their professional projects.” [from the press release]

Well, Udini is being launched today — and it looks quite intriguing. The home page opens thus: “Articles on anything. Search 150 million articles from 12,000 publications. Udini is the world’s article store for entrepreneurs, consultants, educators and everyone else who needs quality research.” It’s being advertised as an affordable option for independent researchers, with access to the material of publishers such as the NYT, Washington Post, Nature, Economist, Springer and 3,800 others (the list of publications is impressive, ranging from ProQuest’s Dissertations and Theses to the full-text of the Washington Post from 1987 to the present to titles from Sage, M.E. Sharpe, scholarly associations, law journals, trade journals, and local newspapers). Udini also includes a pretty sophisticated cloud-based information management system that enables users to upload content, annotate it, store it, and access it globally.

You can check Udini out here, but stay tuned, as my ProQuest contact is readying special free trials for e-Views readers. Will Udini be a game-changing research tool? We’ll see. Meanwhile, better you should know it and what it can do.

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  1. I am in information professional with over 30 years of experience. I have designed search engines for Dialog and LexisNexis. After using Udini for a short time, I find its results useless. I did a newspaper search on a familiar topic but the search results yielded press releases from BusinessWire and M2 Presswire only, not a single item from an actual newspaper. It did not include news stories from wire services, e.g., AP, Reuters, Dow Jones or any other recognized news sources, After doing a sample medical search, the #1 hit was a press release that was almost seven years old and cost $2.99 to view. Searching for a well known medical device manufacturer, specifying the search category “Trade Journals”, Udini replied “No documents match this search”.

    I see no value whatsoever in this search engine.