Geeky Friday: IDW’s Library of American Comics ESSENTIALs, Kirby Museum Coming to NYC, Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo, Bond Grabs a Heiny

IDW is launching the Library of American Comics ESSENTIALs, which will reprint early daily newspaper strips that are essential to the history of comics presented in a novel format, 11″ wide by 4.25″ high, each page containing a single daily strip. Every volume in the series contains a year’s worth of dailies bound in hardcover, retailing for $19.99. Each page will showcase the title given to that daily by the cartoonist, plus the weekday and date, the publisher said, adding, by reproducing the strips one per page in an oblong format, it allows us to have an experience similar to what newspaper buyers had fifty to a hundred years ago‚ reading the comics one day at a time. The series premieres in September with George Herriman’s Baron Bean, Cliff Sterrett’s Polly and Her Pals, and Sidney Smith’s The Gumps.

IDW also is publishing another run of comics based on TV’s Jericho. The five-issue series will be overseen by the original television series’ writing staff and written by Kalinda Vazquez with art by Andrew Currie and covers by Tim Bradstreet. The story will pick up after the events of Jericho: Season Three.

Jack Kirby Museum Comes Home to Manhattan
At the recent Mike Carbo Comicbook Marketplace con, I had a chance to chat with the people who run the Jack Kirby Museum. They had some very good news‚ the museum, which up until now has been an online resource only, is very close to finding a semi-permanent home in New York City.

This is quite appropriate, as King Kirby was born Jacob Kurtzberg in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. If they can swing the money‚ a big if since it all comes from donations (click on the link above if you’d like to make a donation)‚ then they’ll rent space for a gallery presenting Jack’s work. How wonderful would it be to see Kirby’s art in the flesh in that type of setting? Fingers and toes crossed that this happens. Hail to the King, baby!

Stan Lee Launching Comikaze Expo

Stan Lee apparently isn’t content to simply appear at cons (and charge $50 per signature!), now he wants his own. Lee and his partners at POW Entertainment are launching Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo, which kicks off at the L.A. Convention Center, Sept. 15-16. Like most cons, this one will feature movies, TV, sf, and the works. We’re going to have the cream of the crop of people in movies, television and the comic book world,” Lee told the press when announcing the show.

“They’re no longer comic book conventions,” he said. “I think of them as pop art conventions, entertainment industry conventions, really. Because though they started with comic books, they now encompass movies, television, video games, digital entertainment. Everything in the field of entertainment is now represented in these so-called comic cons.”

Man, doesn’t that just smack of Stan regurgitating copy written by someone else? Nonetheless, get some cool comics and movie displays and mix in geeks decked out in their best regalia and hot booth bunnies wearing next to nothing and it’ll be a blast. Hell, I’d go if it were in NYC.

Bond Grabs a Heiny
Apparently there’s an uproar amongst James Bond geeks because Heineken has dropped a small fortune to have 007 drink one of their brews in the next film. The martini purists are shaken and stirred. You could float an aircraft carrier in all the martinis I’ve downed over the years, so I hate to tell these folks that in Fleming’s novels the martini thing comes up only in Casino Royale and really is a byproduct of Hollywood. It’s not a vodka martini, either; it’s a weapons-grade concoction of Bond’s own device containing gin, vodka, and Lillet with lemon peel served in a large campaign goblet, which he calls a Vesper after a dead girl he loved.

For the most part, Bond drinks bourbon in the books, so this seems pretty silly, no? I think everyone should just relax and have a martini or a beer or a Diet Coke and forget the whole thing.

Birthday Girl!
Today marks Mary Wollstonecraft’s 253rd birthday. So, raise a glass‚Ķor the dead. If nothing, she married well.

Pretty slow week, but thanks for tuning in. Have a good weekend, all. Get your geek on!


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