Best Sellers: Politics–Law, April 5, 2012

May 2011 to date as identified by YBP Library Services

1) That Used To Be Us: How America Fell Behind in the World It Invented and How We Can Come Back
Friedman, Thomas L.
Farrar, Straus & Giroux
2011. ISBN 9780374288907. $28

2) The Collapse of American Criminal Justice
Stuntz, William J.
Belknap: Harvard University Press
2011. ISBN 9780674051751. $35

3) The Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World
Yergin, Daniel
Penguin Group (USA)
2011. ISBN 9781594202834. $37.95

4) Age of Greed: The Triumph of Finance and the Decline of America, 1970 to the Present
Madrick, Jeff
Alfred A. Knopf
2011. ISBN 9781400041718. $30

5) Framing Muslims: Stereotyping and Representation After 9/11
Morey, Peter
Harvard University Press
2011. ISBN 9780674048522. $27.95

6) Civilization: The West and the Rest
Ferguson, Niall
Penguin Group (USA)
2011. ISBN 9781594203053. $35

7) The Rights of the People: How Our Search for Safety Invades Our Liberties
Shipler, David K.
Alfred A. Knopf
2011. ISBN 9781400043620. $27.95

8) The Tea Party and the Remaking of Republican Conservatism
Skocpol, Theda
Oxford University Press
2012. ISBN 9780199832637. $24.95

9) Listed: Dispatches from America’s Endangered Species Act
Roman, Joe
Harvard University Press
2011. ISBN 9780674047518. $27.95

10) Common Sense: A Political History
Rosenfeld, Sophia
Harvard University Press
2011. ISBN 9780674057814. $29.95

11) Reasoning from Race: Feminism, Law, and the Civil Rights Revolution
Mayeri, Serena
Harvard University Press
2011. ISBN 9780674047594. $39.95

12) Remedy and Reaction: The Peculiar American Struggle Over Health Care Reform
Starr, Paul
Yale University Press
2011. ISBN 9780300171099. $28.50

13) Envy Up, Scorn Down: How Status Divides Us
Fiske, Susan T.
Russell Sage
2011. ISBN 9780871544643. $29.95

14) Representing the Race: A New Political History of African American Literature
Jarrett, Gene Andrew
New York University Press
2011. ISBN 9780814743386. $70

15) A Contest for Supremacy: China, America, and the Struggle for Mastery in Asia
Friedberg, Aaron L.
W.W. Norton
2011. ISBN 9780393068283. $27.95

16) Unpopular Privacy: What Must We Hide?
Allen, Anita L.
Oxford University Press
2011. ISBN 9780195141375. $35

17) Fighting Chance: The Struggle Over Woman Suffrage and Black Suffrage in Reconstruction America
Dudden, Faye E.
Oxford University Press
2011. ISBN 9780199772636. $34.95

18) Exceptional People: How Migration Shaped Our World and Will Define Our Future
Goldin, Ian
Princeton University Press
2011. ISBN 9780691145723. $35

19) Legalizing Prostitution: From Illicit Vice to Lawful Business
Weitzer, Ronald
New York University Press
2011. ISBN 9780814794630. $35

20) How To Change the World: Reflections on Marx and Marxism
Hobsbawm, Eric
Yale University Press
2011. ISBN 9780300176162. $35

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