Fiction Previews, September 2012, Pt. 2: Thrilled to Death with Gerritsen, Child, and Woods

Brandman, Michael. Robert B. Parker’s Fool Me Twice: A Jesse Stone Novel. Putnam. Sept. 2012. NAp. ISBN 9780399159497. $25.95. THRILLER
The town may be Paradise, MA, but it’s no paradise for star Marisol Hinton, who’s there to film a movie even as she anguishes over the unrelenting jealousy of her estranged husband. Then she receives a death threat, and Jesse Stone swings into action. Brandman wrote 2011’s best-selling Robert B. Parker’s Killing the Blues and has written and/or produced a bunch of Parker adaptations for CBS (next up in May 2012: Benefit of the Doubt). So this will have an audience.

Child, Lee. A Wanted Man. Delacorte. Sept. 2012. 304p. ISBN 9780385344333. $28; eISBN 9780440339366. CD/downloadable: Random Audio. THRILLER
Child’s last five thrillers have been No. 1 New York Times best sellers, he’s sold over a million ebooks, and One Shot will soon be a film starring Tom Cruise. Here, Jack Reacher returns, exactly six minutes after the end of Worth Dying For; what happens next should be thrilling. No doubt where this book will go straight to the charts.

Cussler, Clive with Jack Du Brul. Mirage: An Oregon Novel. Putnam. Sept. 2012. 416p. ISBN 9780399158087. $27.95. THRILLER
Yes, Juan Cabrillo is back, and this time he must make sense of the Philadelphia Experiment. In that little 1943 escapade, a U.S. destroyer was deliberately sent into a misted-over field of electromagnetic radiation‚ and promptly vanished, never to be seen again. But now evidence of the experiment has hauntingly returned, with possible nasty consequences for U.S. security. Buy multiples.

Gerritsen, Tess. Last To Die: A Rizzoli & Isles Novel. Ballantine. Sept. 2012. 368p. ISBN 9780345515636. $27; eISBN 9780345535955. THRILLER
Having withstood violence, the students at Evensong, a school deep in the Maine wilderness, study science and investigative techniques to prepare for careers in crime fighting. That’s where Maura Isles goes to visit 16-year-old Julian Rat Perkins, and that’s where Det. Jane Rizzoli decides to hide Teddy Clock when the rest of his foster family is murdered. The first in this best-selling series to boast the Rizzoli & Isles brand name in the title, this book will appear just as the third season of TNT’s successful Rizzoli & Isles TV series is ending, so fans will be primed.

O’Brien, Timothy L. The Lincoln Conspiracy. Ballantine. Sept. 2012. 368p. ISBN 9780345496775. $26; eISBN 9780345535597. THRILLER
We know why Lincoln was assassinated, right? Wrong, says O’Brien, national editor of the Huffington Post, who has teased a theory out of the historical record that promises to surprise and turned it into a thriller. When a friend is slain at the B&O railroad station, not long after Lincoln’s assassination, Det. Temple McFadden finds two diaries in his pocket: one belonging to Mary Todd Lincoln and one to John Wilkes Booth. Wonder where this will lead.

Sears, Michael. Black Fridays. Putnam. Sept. 2012. NAp. ISBN 9780399158667. $25.95. THRILLER
Jason Stafford was a major player on Wall Street (like the author, once managing director at Paine Webber and Jeffries & Co.). But, having spent time in prison after some financial finagling (not like the author), he can’t find a job. Then he’s asked to check on possible irregularities in some accounts handled by a recently deceased junior partner, and all hell breaks loose. On the personal side, getting full custody of his autistic child is remaking Stafford’s life. A debut thriller getting lots of push.

Straub, Emma. Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures. Riverhead: Penguin Group (USA). Sept. 2012. 320p. ISBN 9781594488450. $26.95. POP FICTION
Midwestern girl puts family tragedy behind her and becomes a star in Golden Age Hollywood. Actually, it sounds like a Hollywood movie, but while that trajectory might seem worn, the book is said to be absolutely charming, and Straub has proven herself as a BookCourt bookseller and by publishing pieces in Tin House, the Paris Review Daily, and Slate. The publisher’s big fiction debut of the season.

White, Randy Wayne. Gone. Putnam. Sept. 2012. NAp. ISBN 9780399158490. $25.95. THRILLER
White takes a break from his New York Times best-selling Doc Ford books to launch a new series starring Hannah Smith, one tough cookie first seen as a secondary character in White’s Captiva. Here, Smith is asked to find a missing girl. Never fear, Doc Ford fans; you’ll still be traveling to Florida.

Woods, Stuart. Severe Clear. Putnam. Sept. 2012. NAp. ISBN 9780399159848. $26.95. THRILLER
Woods’s 50th novel‚ and protagonist Stone Barrington’s 24th, if I am counting correctly‚ takes Barrington to Bel-Air, where a grand hotel called the Arrington is about to open on the grounds of the mansion belonging to his late wife. Alas, terrorists threaten to upend the glittering gala, and Barrington must depend on some old allies for help.

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