Geeky Friday: William Shakespeare’s “Pulp Fiction”

Saw this over on YouTube. Pulp Fiction fans will get it. It takes a minute to load, so patience.

RIP Ralph McQuarrie
Star Wars fans the galaxy over are mourning the death of Oscar-winning concept artist Ralph McQuarrie, who passed away March 3 at age 82. When George Lucas was unsuccessfully pitching The Star Wars to studios and getting one rejection after another, he hired McQuarrie to create a series of paintings to illustrate to producers what he was trying to do. Those paintings became the basis for the series’ signature look.
Most importantly, it was McQuarrie‚ and not Uncle George‚ who put the metal face on Darth Vader, who initially was just a regular guy. Lucas knows a million-dollar idea when he sees it, and decided on first glance that the masked and helmeted Vader with a little heavy breathing added would be the perfect villain‚ thank the maker. And thank you, Ralph. What Star Wars would have been‚ if it would have been‚ without your contribution is unimaginable. You, Lucas, and John Williams are the holy trinity of Star Wars.

McQuarrie also worked on Battlerstar Gallatica, E.T, Close Encounters of the Third Kind,and Cocoon, for which he received an Academy Award.


Hollywood of late has been accused of being so bereft of original ideas for movies it just remakes old ones. Well, Broadway aint much better, folks! Add National Lampoon’s Animal House to the ever-growing I-can’t-believe-that’s-being-made-into-a-musical list. A proposed stage version of John Landis’s 1978 film chronicling the adventures of Bluto, Pinto, Flounder, Boon, Otter, D-Day, and the other losers of Faber College’s Delta Tau Chi fraternity will be scored by the Barenaked Ladies and be directed by Casey Nicholaw of The Book of Mormon fame.
I love Animal House, and while it does feature a lot of early 1960s pop songs, I’m having a hard time envisioning this as a musical. Most Broadway musicals are designed to lure tourists, so they tend to be family friendly swill like Mary Poppins. Glorifying a bunch of drunken yahoos trying to nail everything in a skirt, Animal House is anything but family fare. We’ll see if the musical goes over like a great toga party or a dead horse.

Have a good weekend, everyone. Get your geek on!

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  1. Karl Helicher says:

    Might go over, I believe Animal House is on the Smithsonian’s list of memorable American films. It was the quintessential chick flick for boys. Alas a sequel was never made as John Landis rightly believed no Belushi, no Animal House II. So who knows, who would of thought we’d see Scottsboro the musical. Springtime for Faber!