Geeky Friday: Indy on Blu-ray—WOOHOO!!!

Grab your whips and Westeds, baby, because everyone’s favorite nail-tough archaeologist is coming to Blu-ray‚ FINALLY! Fat Harry over at Ain’t It Cool News reports that the complete Indy collection hits Blu-ray this fall. The package includes the four films plus a ‚Äòbest of’ collection of documentaries, interviews, featurettes, and a few surprises. Amazon has a boxed set preorder available for $75, which is a pretty good deal.

No word on whether the films will be available individually. My guess is they won’t because then only the uber fans would buy the whole set. Most people just want Raiders and would be content to watch the others on the DVDs they already own.

But Raiders on Blu-ray! Forgetaboutit, that’s a wookie-hookie day for me (and a lot of you, too)!

Here’s the official release trailer.

This is fab news, but where the hell is the JAWS Blu-ray, damnit!

The Avengers Trailers Keep Getting Better
A few Fridays back, I posted a longer trailer for the The Avengers. Now, there’s an even longer one, and they keep looking better. I’ve got high hopes for this film and feel the same way I did before Iron Man came out‚ it looks fantastic, but let’s hope there’s a real plot. That film paid off in spades, so fingers crossed. Check out the new trailer.

Pretty badass, right? I’ll be assembling for this opening weekend! The good folks over at Entertainment Weekly have dissected the trailer into a bunch of screen grabs for your perusal.

Anne Rice Howling for Matt Bomer
I was thrilled to see a solid review for Anne Rice’s new book, The Wolf Gift. Having reinvented the vampire genre, and those Lestat books are superior to the more recent vampire series I won’t mention, Anne now is turning to werewolves. Anne apparently has been approached by several producers regarding a film adaptation and already has an actor in mind. She recently told Entertainment Weekly that Matt Bomer of TV’s White Collar would be wolfalicious in the role. “I can see him becoming a very handsome man-wolf,” she told the magazine.

Bomer is one of these Joe handsome dudes that the ladies will swoon over, but guys like their werewolves nasty. Here’s what Bomer looks like normally.







Now, through ten cents’ worth of Photoshop wizardry, here he is wolfed up.







Sorry, just not seeing it. That’s a “gift” I’d return.

Have a good weekend, all. Get your geek on.

P.S. Happy birthday to Dr. Suess, Tom Wolfe, and John Irving.

P.P.S. Completely unrelated, but King Kong debuted on this day in 1933. Here’s a super rare treat for the diehard Kong heads. Remember the gas bombs that Carl Denham (Robert Armstrong) threw at Kong to knock him out? Here’s mine‚ it’s a plaster cast from an original, which were wood. Look close and you can see the grain.
















How freakin’ cool is that!

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