Geeky Friday: DK’s Summer of Star Wars Library Program, Ridely Scott’s Prometheus Trailer, Hellbrown

Apologies for not posting last week (did anyone even notice?), but I was walking my tootsies off, snapping pix, and covering panels at the gangbusters PLA con, which rocked Philly inside out. While perusing the show floor, I saw that Dorling Kindersley, a fav publisher of many a geek for its fab Visual Dictionary series, is soliciting libraries to participate in its Summer of Star Wars program. It’s really for small kids, but here’s the gen: DK will provide a Summer of Star Wars library reading kit, complete with DK Star Wars giveaway items, a Star Wars activity kit, and three new DK readers: LEGO Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace [Reader Level 2]; Star Wars The Clone Wars: Ackbar’s Underwater Army [Reader Level 3]; and Star Wars: Darth Maul Sith Apprentice [Reader Level 4]. We’ll include raffle tickets, so you can raffle off the readers.

To host a DK Summer of Star Wars reading day, participants must invite local families to visit the library and read from DK Star Wars books. Organize games, quizzes, and activities to keep children entertained and interested in the books, give away prizes, and raffle off books. Children leave feeling they’ve mastered the art of reading.

The events are planned for Saturday, June 30, or Sunday, July 1. To participate, email for your chance to host an event.

Again, this obviously is tailored for the younglings, as Yoda would say, but it sounds pretty cool and seems free, so give it a shot. At PLA, DK also was raffling off a Star Wars library to anyone who could guess the number of LEGO bricks needed to make a Millennium Falcon.

Not the Alien Prequel Trailer?
The trailer for Ridley Scott’s much-awaited Prometheus has hit the web. It looks great, but kinda puzzles me. It’s not supposed to be a prequel to Scott’s Alien, but the ship and the pilot seen in Alien is in here, too. It’s the ship and the huge creature with the burst chest that the Nostromo crewmembers find just before John Hurt gets a face-hugger plastered to his kisser. If any of you geeks know what the deal is with this flik, please post a comment explaining. Here’s the trailer:

Charlie Brown+Hellboy=Hellbrown!
A few Friday’s back, I posted some comic book mashup pix. I liked the Hellbrown one so much I did a quick search and found the original source, which had a additional drawings by artist Francesco Francavilla, all of which are a blast. I’m sure you’ll agree.

How sweet are those!

Have a good weekend, everyone. Get your geek on!

WAIT! A belated happy birthday to the mack daddy of the universe, William Shatner. The Shat turned 81 yesterday.


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