Best Sellers: Social Sciences, March 8, 2012

April 2011 to date as identified by YBP Library Services

1) The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined
Pinker, Steven
2011. ISBN 9780670022953. $40

2) The Social Animal: The Hidden Sources of Love, Character, and Achievement
Brooks, David
Random House
2011. ISBN 9781400067602. $27

3) Land of the Unconquerable: The Lives of Contemporary Afghan Women
Heath, Jennifer
University of California Press
2011. ISBN 9780520261853. $65

4) The Collapse of American Criminal Justice
Stuntz, William J.
Belknap: Harvard University Press
2011. ISBN 9780674051751. $35

5) The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research 4
Denzin, Norman K.
SAGE Publications
2011. ISBN 9781412974172. $140

6) Join the Club: How Peer Pressure Can Transform the World
Rosenberg, Tina
W.W. Norton
2011. ISBN 9780393068580. $25.95

7) Framing Muslims: Stereotyping and Representation After 9/11
Morey, Peter
Harvard University Press
2011. ISBN 9780674048522. $27.95

8) Digitally Enabled Social Change: Activism in the Internet Age
Earl, Jennifer
MIT Press
2011. ISBN 9780262015103. $32

9) A Queer History of the United States
Bronski, Michael
Beacon Press
2011. ISBN 9780807044391. $27.95

10) Rebel Girls: Youth Activism and Social Change Across the Americas
Taft, Jessica K.
New York University Press
2011. ISBN 9780814783245. $70

11) Poverty, Battered Women, and Work in U.S. Public Policy
Brush, Lisa D.
Oxford University Press
2011. ISBN 9780195398502. $35

12) Becoming Yellow: A Short History of Racial Thinking
Keevak, Michael
Princeton University Press
2011. ISBN 9780691140315. $29.95

13) Social Class and Changing Families in an Unequal America
Carlson, Marcia J.
Stanford University Press
2011. ISBN 9780804770880. $80

14) The Gender of Crime
Britton, Dana M.
Rowman & Littlefield
2011. ISBN 9781442209695. $75

15) The Role of Sisters in Women’s Development
Kuba, Sue A.
Oxford University Press
2011. ISBN 9780195393347. $55

16) Envy Up, Scorn Down: How Status Divides Us
Fiske, Susan T.
Russell Sage
2011. ISBN 9780871544643. $29.95

17) Intercultural Couples: Crossing Boundaries, Negotiating Difference
Bystydzienski, Jill M.
New York University Press
2011. ISBN 9780814799789. $70

18) The Internet of Elsewhere: The Emergent Effects of a Wired World
Farivar, Cyrus
Rutgers University Press
2011. ISBN 9780813549620. $25.95

19) Separated by Their Sex: Women in Public and Private in the Colonial Atlantic World
Norton, Mary Beth
Cornell University Press
2011. ISBN 9780801449499. $29.95

20) Moral Time
Black, Donald
Oxford University Press
2011. ISBN 9780199737147. $29.95


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