Best Sellers: Engineering–Technology, March 15, 2012

May 2011 to date as identified by YBP Library Services

1) Abuse of Power: How Cold War Surveillance and Secrecy Policy Shaped The Response to 9/11
Theoharis, Athan G.
Temple University Press
2011. ISBN 9781439906644. $74.50

2) The Big Roads: The Untold Story of the Engineers, Visionaries, and Trailblazers Who Created the American Superhighways
Swift, Earl
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
2011. ISBN 9780618812417. $27

3) The Age of Airpower
Van Creveld, Martin
Public Affairs
2011. ISBN 9781586489816. $35

4) Net Locality: Why Location Matters in a Networked World
Gordon, Eric
2011. ISBN 9781405180610. $89.95

5) The Techno-Human Condition
Allenby, Braden R.
MIT Press
2011. ISBN 9780262015691. $24.95

6) Inventing Iron Man: The Possibility of a Human Machine
Zehr, E. Paul
Johns Hopkins University Press
2011. ISBN 9781421402260. $24.95

7) Leonardo to the Internet: Technology & Culture from the Renaissance to the Present
Misa, Thomas J.
Johns Hopkins University Press
2011. ISBN 9781421401546. $60

8) Corn Ethanol: Who Pays? Who Benefits?
Glozer, Ken G.
Hoover Institution Press
2011. ISBN 9780817949617. $19.95

9) Face Geometry and Appearance Modeling: Concepts and Applications
Zicheng Liu
Cambridge University Press
2011. ISBN 9780521898416. $80

10) Networking: Communicating with Bodies and Machines in the Nineteenth Century
Otis, Laura
University of Michigan Press
2011. ISBN 9780472034901. $29.95

11) Sweet Stuff: An American History of Sweeteners from Sugar to Sucralose
Warner, Deborah Jean
Rowman & Littlefield
2011. ISBN 9781935623052. $29.95

12) Biopunk: DIY Scientists Hack the Software of Life
Wohlsen, Marcus
Penguin Group (USA)
2011. ISBN 9781617230028. $25.95

13) The Sorcerers and Their Apprentices: How the Digital Magicians of the MIT Media Lab Are Creating the Innovative Technologies That Will Transform Our Lives
Moss, Frank
Crown Publishing Group
2011. ISBN 9780307589101. $27.50

14) Engineering Systems: Meeting Human Needs in a Complex Technological World
De Weck, Olivier L.
MIT Press
2011. ISBN 9780262016704. $30

15) The Handbook of Human-Machine Interaction: A Human-Centered Design Approach
Boy, Guy A.
2011. ISBN 9780754675808. $124.95

16) The Structure of Complex Networks: Theory and Applications
Estrada, Ernesto
Oxford University Press
2012. ISBN 9780199591756. $81

17) Sonic Persuasion: Reading Sound in the Recorded Age
Goodale, Greg
University of Illinois Press
2011. ISBN 9780252036040. $75

18) Confederate Invention: The Story of yhe Confederate States Patent Office and Its Inventors
Knight, H. Jackson
Louisiana State University Press
2011. ISBN 9780807137628. $55

19) Every Twelve Seconds: Industrialized Slaughter and the Politics of Sight
Pachirat, Timothy
Yale University Press
2011. ISBN 9780300152678. $30

20) Opening Standards: The Global Politics of Interoperability
DeNardis, Laura
MIT Press
2011. ISBN 9780262016025. $32

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