Geeky Friday: The Avengers Extended Trailer, Spidey Reboot, and Comic Book Men

Anyone who watched the Giants trash the Pats (said the proud New Yorker) at last Sunday’s Super Bowl were treated to an abbreviated trailer for the upcoming The Avengers flik. A longer version now is on the web. Check it out!

Does that look cool, or does that look cool? It’s clobberin’ time for any film that goes up against it at the box office for at least the first two weeks.

Team Spidey
The initial footage for The Amazing Spider-Man reboot that premiered awhile back looked crapola, but this updated trailer is killer. The actor is a little too much of a pretty boy for my tastes (good luck tucking your Team Edward do under that mask, pal), but cutie pie Emma Stone is dead on as Gwen Stacy. If the story and all the extras are right, this will work just fine. Let’s hope all the good parts aren’t in the trailer and that the rest doesn’t stink and, especially, that the Lizard doesn’t look like a CGI video-game reject.

Comic Book Men
Lastly, comics geeks, don’t forget to watch the premier of AMC’s new original series Comic Book Men this Sunday after The Walking Dead. For the uninitiated, it’s a reality show featuring the staff of Kevin Smith’s Redbank, NJ, comics store, Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash. I assume Kevin will occasionally be on hand, but we’ll see.

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