Science Fiction/Fantasy Reviews, February 15, 2012

A strong group of sf, fantasy, and horror titles provide a welcome distraction this month from the doldrums of winter. Drawing on the history of Central Asia during the 12th and 13th centuries, Elizabeth Bear depicts a vivid, multicultural world in Range of Ghosts, while Melanie Rawn sets her high fantasy Touchstone in a Renaissance-inspired universe. Dragons make a dual appearance, as surprisingly fragile and endangered creatures in Robin Hobb’s City of Dragons and as enslaved mounts determined to shake the yoke of human domination in Stephen Deas’s The Order of the Scales. Political intrigue and cultural clashes dominate Paula Brandon’s The Ruined City, while the conflict between religion and magic sets the stage for the action in Elspeth Cooper’s Songs of the Earth, this month’s featured debut.

A trio of sf novels showcases three very different faces of the genre. Tobias S. Buckell’s Arctic Rising combines disaster fiction with speculation about the changing balance of power. Alex J. Cavanaugh’s CassaFire hearkens back to Robert A. Heinlein’s early books in its appeal to a younger adult audience as well as military sf fans. Finally, cyberpunk and speculative fiction veteran Walter Jon Williams takes on reality TV and the media-hungry generation in The Fourth Wall.

Horror in its infinite variety also makes an appearance. Incorporating both the debasing horror of the impersonal workplace and the unnamable terror from beyond, Tom Fletcher’s The Thing on the Shore represents a more subtle form of the genre, while John Shirley takes a more brutal approach in Everything Is Broken.

Two anthologies merit attention this month: Dream Castles brings together some of the early work of sf Grand Master Jack Vance, while Winter’s Dreams reveals the many sides of Glen Cook.

Mass-market paperbacks offer a pair of urban fantasies: Katharine Kerr’s Apocalypse to Go and Seanan McGuire’s Discount Armageddon. Ian Douglas’s Singularity is space opera in the style of Lois McMaster Bujold’s Miles Vorkosigan series, while Gail Z. Martin’s The Dread ends a two-book epic fantasy.

Finally, we pay tribute to USA Today‘s 2011 Author of the Year, fantasy’s own George R.R. Martin, whose A Song of Ice and Fire series can take the chill from those cold February nights.

starred review star Rawn, Melanie. Touchstone. Tor. (Glass Thorns). Feb. 2012. c.368p. ISBN 9780765323620. $25.99. FANTASY

Cayden Silversun, a blend of Elven, Fae, and Wizard bloodlines, defies his noble family to pursue a life in the theater, forming the four-person troupe Touchstone with the goal of making it to the highest echelons of the performing circuit. Given the talents of troupe member Mieka Windthistle, a brilliant glisker whose job is to enhance with magic both the crowd’s emotions and the performances’ special effects, their goal seems reachable. Yet Cayden’s prophetic dreams indicate something sinister about Mieka’s presence and tempt him to try to change fate without incurring a larger doom. The author of the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star trilogies as well as the urban fantasies Spell Binder and Fire Raiser returns to high fantasy with a captivating tale of magic, theater, politics, and love. She sets her story in a Renaissance-like world, a place recovering from a devastating war that resulted in the stringent regulation of potentially harmful magic. VERDICT Rawn’s storytelling mastery, ability to create unforgettable characters, and fresh approaches to world building and magic theory make this a must-read for an audience that extends well beyond her fans.

starred review star Williams, Walter Jon. The Fourth Wall. Orbit: Hachette. Feb. 2012. c.416p. ISBN 9780316133395. pap. $13.99. SF

Former child actor Sean Makin finds himself reduced to taking gigs on the lowest type of reality television shows to make ends meet‚ and support his agent. A chance meeting with producer Dagmar Shaw, who is suspected of having connections with unsavory international cults and activist groups, lands him a starring role in a revolutionary film that is part reality TV and part scripted story. However, Sean discovers to his dismay that death seems to follow Dagmar, striking those close to her‚ thus making Sean a prime target. One of the founders of cyberpunk along with William Gibson and Bruce Sterling, Williams (City on Fire; The Rift) has previously demonstrated his talent for speculative fiction as well as for hard-science sf. In his latest novel, he brings 21st-century technology to the fore but never loses sight of his characters’ humanity amid a steadily dehumanizing world of mad media and instant everything. VERDICT Fans of Williams, cyberpunk, and authors such as Kim Stanley Robinson and Neal Stephenson should enjoy this savvy take on technology and entertainment.

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