The Willard Library Ghost

It’s Sunday afternoon web noodling time, and today in my noodling I found the best site ever: the Willard Library Ghost Site of Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana. Willard Library is the oldest public library in the state of Indiana, but it’s distinctive for another reason, as well: it’s haunted by the Grey Lady ghost, first reported to have been seen in the Library in the late 1930s. The place was investigated by TAPS in the second season, episode 216 of Ghost Hunters on the SyFy channel.

The site is home to a history of the Grey Lady, paranormal videos, library ghost videos (an engaging series narrated by Library Director Greg Hager, who recounts his personal experience with the ghost in the Research Room), links to organizations with whom to get in touch if you want to become a ghost hunter, a Ghost Forum where you can write your own ghost stories, and other resource links. Best of all: it’s got ghost cams set up in the Children’s Room, the hallway in the basement, and in the Research Room, with images reloading every 60 seconds in each, so you can try to spot the Grey Lady yourself. The site also has a link to the site, which houses ghost stories, a gallery of ghost spottings, and image gallery, and links to recommended ghost books.

What a great site, and what a great idea.

More as it happens, probably via web cam,

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  1. Greg Hager says:

    Thank you for the nice review, Cheryl. Happy Ghosthunting!


    Greg Hager
    Willard Library