The Presidential Recordings of Lyndon B. Johnson Digital Edition

The Presidential Recordings of Lyndon B. Johnson Digital Edition (PRLBJ) just won the Association of American Publishers’ 2011 PROSE Award for Best eProduct in the Humanities, and CHOICE magazine named it an Outstanding Academic Title for 2011. PRLBJ is published by Rotunda, the digital imprint of University of Virginia Press, in collaboration with UVA’s Miller Center. The Edition contains hundreds of hours of presidential tapes covering the major issues of Johnson’s administration, from the War on Poverty to the Civil Rights Movement to the Vietnam War‚Ķ. Each conversation in the edition is fully transcribed and annotated and accompanied by its audio file, and the multimedia presentation includes photos and video galleries, a linked timeline, and powerful XML-based searching ability.

Best of all, the University of Virginia Press is graciously giving e-Views readers a free trial to the edition.

Just go to:

and use these login codes:

Username: LJ-guest

Password: Yuki

[BTW, “Yuki” was the name of one of LBJ’s dogs.]

This free trial is good until noon on February 17, 2012, so hope you enjoy it till then!

PRLBJ was edited by Miller Center scholars, who, my Rotunda contact tells me, are in the process of transcribing and annotating the secret White House tapes recorded by every president from Franklin Roosevelt to Richard Nixon. Can’t wait to get my hands ‚ and ears ‚ on those!

More as it happens,

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  1. Karl Helicher says:

    LBJ’s first Washington beagle, before Him and Her (of ear hoisting fame) was likewise named LBJ (Little Beagle Johnson). Evidently Sen. Sam Rayburn was quite fond of the pooch and enjoyed the LBJs visits. Actually, at this time, everyone in LBJ’s family was LBJ (Lady Bird, Lucy Bird, and Linda Bird). Despite a popular rumor he did not have a parrot named LBJ (Looney Bird Johnson). Yuki was a Yorkie, I believe, and was with LBJ when he had his fatal heart attack , at age 64,in 1973.

  2. Karl Helicher says:

    Glad no one caught my error. Sen. Richard Russell of Georgia was LBJ’s friends–dog and president. I don’t know what Mr. Sam thought about the pooch.