Beacham Group Releases TRAC: Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium

The Beacham Group LLC is today announcing their release of Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium (TRAC), a comprehensive, live intelligence repository / e-research center eight years in the making. Designed for use by government and defense professionals, scholarly researchers, students, and the general public, TRAC includes over 6,000 (and counting) web pages of historical and current articles (on ideologies, terrorist targets, and tactics); profiles of vulnerable regions; a master index and profiles of 3,800 identified terrorist groups and groups known to aid and abet terrorist organizations; a Chatter Control section that monitors current news and analysis sources continuously throughout the day and posts real-time feeds to the site that are later cataloged and archived; a Resources and Tools section that includes a host of links to web sites, think tanks, organizations, counter-terrorism analysis, and much more terrorism-related information; and a Consortium Network of 2,800 terrorism specialists from around the world who can communicate with each other via the resource. Those with expertise to offer can even become contributors to the site and file stories online through the Publishing Center to add to the resource. The site has a universal search function that allows you to search the entire database.

Sound like a remarkable file? It is ‚ I was given preview access, and what’s here is astonishing. Go to the title link above for even more information. And keep your eyes on the blog for more: I’ve been promised a brief free trial link to share with you later this week.

More as it happens,

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