Try Rotunda’s Papers of Alexander Hamilton (and more) here for free

Rotunda has released The Papers of Alexander Hamilton, Digital Edition, which contains all twenty-seven volumes of the print edition ‚ which means you can now have online access to “all the writings by and to Hamilton known to exist, some 12,500 documents‚ including all editorial annotations.” Given Hamilton’s position as “the nation’s first great fiscal voice,” these papers are going to be of considerable interest to anyone wanting to research Colonial American governmental expenditures, among other topics.

And Rotunda has graciously given a free trial to e-Views readers. Just go to:

and use these logins:

Username: LJ-guest
Password: Hamilton1804

These logins give you access to all of the Founding Era Collection, so you can search across all the publication therein at once. And once you’re into the Hamilton Papers, you’ll find tons of fascinating information. For example, take a look at this Report on the Estimate of Expenditures for 1792, whose bottom line total was $1,058,222.8167.

I know you’ll enjoy this file, and you can do so till January 26th (and Rotunda is going to add another large installment of content to the file next week — so do check it again later to see the most extensive content). My thanks to Jason Coleman, Electronic Marketing Manager at the University of Virginia Press, for setting this trial up.

More as it happens,

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  1. Caroline says:

    I’ve entered the password and user ID several times without success.

    • Mark says:

      No problem accessing here. Outstanding work on the Hamilton Papers.

      Thank you for the free access!


  2. David Sewell says:

    Rendering all of the complex tables in the Hamilton Papers into their browser-based equivalents was a big challenge, and credit goes to Rotunda editorial and technical specialist Markus Flatscher and editorial assistant Annie Kinniburgh for the careful and time-consuming work of, in effect, virtual re-typesetting of a large portion of the publication via editing of the underlying XML files.