Misty Mountain Hop: The Hobbit Trailer in HD

All you Lord of the Rings geeks going through withdrawal after sitting through endless hours of the extended Trilogy just out on Blu-ray (each film seems to go on for a month‚ it takes so long to sit through them the series should be called the Lord of the Hemorrhoid Rings) can get a new fix right now. The high-def trailer for The Hobbit has hit Youtube.

Looks fab, but let’s hope Peter Jackson didn’t feel the need to include every single part of the book and that the film isn’t a three-hour butt breaker.


Goodbye, Scott

Completely unrelated, but on this day in 1940 F. Scott Fitzgerald died at 44. He was eating a chocolate bar and reading the Princeton Alumni Gazette and got up to get a Coke and fell flat on his face stone dead of a massive heart attack. His good friend and fellow novelist Nathanael West, who like Scott also was in Hollywood hacking for the studios, heard the news while on a fishing trip in Mexico with his wife. The Wests went rushing back as fast as possible to make the funeral and both were killed in a car wreck when he ran a stop sign. The legend is that he was crying over Scott and couldn’t see well (he also could have been hungover). Scott and Nate were laid out at the same funeral home. West was 37. How’s that for a fun story, kids!



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