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Best Books 2011: Self-Help

Beattie, Melody. Codependent No More Workbook. Hazelden. ISBN 9781592854707. pap. $15.95.
Beattie’s 12-step workbook is designed not only for those suffering from codependency but also for those experiencing phobias and other addictions and disorders. Readers are guided through exercises to identify underlying issues and set healthy limits. A workbook without equal. (LJ 5/15/11)

Brizendine, Judy. Stunned by Grief: Remapping Your Life When Loss Changes Everything. BennettKnepp. ISBN 9780983168812. pap. $18.95.
In bite-size pieces, the author helps readers understand the progression of grief, the intrinsic anger and guilt of the process, and the steps for planning a new future. An empathetic, knowledgeable companion in book form. (LJ 11/15/11)

Dodes, Lance. Breaking Addiction: A 7-Step Handbook for Ending Any Addiction. Harper: HarperCollins. ISBN 9780061987397. pap. $14.99.
Because every addictive act is preceded by a feeling of helplessness, the key to quitting is to recognize and deal with the triggers. Numerous case studies add insight for addicts, their therapists, and their families. A new spin on a common problem.

Felder, Raoul & Barbara Victor. The Good Divorce: How To Walk Away Financially Sound and Emotionally Happy. St. Martin’s. ISBN 9780312592967. $24.99.
An oxymoron if there ever was one, a good divorce is one that, though not great, can be civilized and relatively painless. An expert on divorce litigation, Felder clearly explains the court system and other issues that separating couples need to understand. Compromise is the name of the game.

Hill, Janelle & others. Life After the Military: A Handbook for Transitioning Veterans. Government Institutes. ISBN 9781605907406. $34.95.
Returning war veterans will find practical advice on seeking employment or education, obtaining VA medical benefits, and locating VA facilities. Four appendixes list an abundance of transition-related websites, phone numbers, and recovery care programs. Essential for veterans and their families. (LJ 7/11)

Katz, Jon. Going Home: Finding Peace When Pets Die. Villard: Random. ISBN 9780345502698. $22.
Bereaved pet owners can find solace in Katz’s advice on whether to put an animal down, how to deal with guilt, and how to honor an animal’s legacy. Special prayers and rituals are suggested for helping children grieve. Bring tissues. (LJ 9/15/11)

Pillemer, Karl. 30 Lessons for Living: Tried and True Advice from the Wisest Americans. Hudson Street. ISBN 9781594630842. $25.95.
Life guidance comes from Americans aged 65 and older who have successfully navigated marriage, careers, finances, and aging. The author skillfully weaves a prevailing theme with self-disclosing statements from interviewees to create a most compelling, inspiring book. (LJ 11/15/11)

Van de Mark, Donald. The Good Among the Great: 19 Traits of the Most Admirable, Creative, and Joyous People. Cardinal. ISBN 9780984606122. $25.85.
Ethical, appreciative, and empathetic are just three of the 19 traits shared by exemplary human beings. Integrating biographical material with the theories of Maslow, Van de Mark pulls from history and modern times to showcase the best of humanity: inspiring. (LJ 2/15/11)

Wann, David. The New Normal: An Agenda for Responsible Living. Griffin: St. Martin’s. ISBN 9780312575434. pap. $14.99.
Wann draws on biology, anthropology, history, and psychology to argue that the current paradigm of bigger and more is not working. He proposes an era of emerging restoration, offering 32 specific agenda items. Motivating and practical stuff. (LJ 1/11)

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  1. TNTbefree says:

    This list of Best Books 2011: Self-Help not only offers a great choice of self help books, it also provides a bit of insight as to what people had issues with. Loss, addiction, divorce, and how to cope with “fill in the blank”. The list itself should give comfort to those who feel as if they are suffering alone. It is obvious that they are not alone and that others have made it through whatever they are dealing with. So they can too.