Anne Rice’s The Wolf Gift: Howling with Wings?

Rice, Anne. The Wolf Gift. Knopf. Feb. 2102. 400p. ISBN 9780307595119. $26.95. HORROR
She’s done vampires and witches and angels, so why not werewolves? Rice’s latest, a modern retelling of the werewolf legend just announced for February 2012, is both a return and a departure. A return, because after spending a couple of books dancing with angels as she explored elevated spiritual issues in her new Songs of the Seraphim series, Rice is back with the bad guys. And a departure, because she hasn’t visited this part of the horror pantheon before.
The setting is the northern coast of California, and the main player is a younger reporter from the San Francisco Observer who has come to interview an older woman desperate to sell the family mansion deep in redwood forest. Alas, a nasty bite in the night means that our hero will soon be running from authorities who have targeted him as the Man Wolf. But as the very title suggests, Rice doesn’t go just gory; that bite delivers a gift that pulls the Man Wolf toward goodness as well as temptation and opens him to the possibility that he is now one of the watching-guardian creatures that have existed since ancient times.
Okay, so maybe not such a big return from heaven to horror, but this book has stirred enthusiasm from longtime Rice fans, who can anticipate a dark and gripping mood as well more philosophical reflections. One wonders how Rice’s audience will take to these shifting currents and where the currents will take Rice next. With a 100,000-copy first printing; BOMC main selection.

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  1. Matthew says:

    Hmm, I’m not sure what you thought of the book. Did it have a strong plot? Did Rice write well?

  2. Casey says:

    My thought, too. This is more a brief summary than a review. Worth the read?

  3. Steven says:

    This is a horrible review. I want to know if it’s worth to purchase it. I could have read what you wrote on the back of the book.

  4. Karl Helicher says:

    No excuses, Barbara. Just because a book hasn’t been written or read hasn’t stopped thousands of “reviewers” from reviewing it.