Updating The Jesus Discovery

Just to show you that publishing is a fluid business: back in May I featured Simcha Jacobovici and James Tabor’s The Jesus Discovery: The New Archaeological Find That Reveals the Birth of Christianity (S. & S. 288p. ISBN 9781451650402. $27.95) as a November title. Jacobovici, a television producer, and Tabor, chair of the Department of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, discuss a major archaeological discovery in Jerusalem, a sealed first-century tomb with iconography revealing a belief in Jesus’ resurrection (before the gospels were written). The authors also wrote the controversial The Jesus Family Tomb, important here as they puzzle out the relationship of their new find to a tomb they have already identified as belonging to Jesus’ family.

Since spring, there have been some changes regarding this book. First, this is now a spring 2012 title, so I’ll have to dash your hopes that Dasher, Prancer, et al. will be delivering this to you for Christmas. Second, there is indeed a film connected with this book, but while it was to have been a National Geographic Society television documentary it has since switched to the Discovery Channel. Keep an eye out.

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  1. Joe zias says:

    Any idea why NG cancelled the deal on the multi-million dollar film and why Simon and Schuster keeps putting off the release date ? Will it ever be shown as their last attempt in 2007 proved to be a fiasco after Ted Koppel and others basically trashed the whole concept.