The Public Domain Review

Got an e-mail from Adam Green, one of the editors of The Public Domain Review, “a curated collection of exotic scraps and marvellous rarities” along with links “to freely distributable copies of works in online archives and from far flung corners of the web.” The editors “hope to encourage readers to further utilise and explore public domain works by themselves.” The Review includes public domain audio, films, images and texts, as well as invited articles from scholars, writers, critics, artists, archivists, scientists and librarians about “interesting or curious work[s] with a brief accompanying text giving context, commentary and criticism.” The Review is now accepting open submissions.

The editor asked for my thoughts about the Review, and I noted that it would be an improvement for the site to be searchable (it isn’t as yet). Right now the content is small and quickly browsable, but they’re adding to it each week, and as it grows a search feature will be a must.

The Review launched on January 1, 2011, timed to coincide with Public Domain Day. It’s a project of the Open Knowledge Foundation. Do take a look at this when you get the chance — it’s certainly something library patrons will want to know about and peruse. And since they’re accepting open submissions, you might consider offering them an article about a public domain item that’s caught your interest….

More as it happens,

P.S. — film buffs, you will find some truly delightful things here, including Buster Keaton’s The General! Prepare to spend some time looking through this one — I think it’s a site I’ll be returning to often, C.

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