What I Hope to Get Out of the EBSCO – H.W. Wilson Merger

I have my own little hope springing eternal vis-a-vis the EBSCO – H.W. Wilson Merger: now that they are one, I’m hoping to be able to get easy brief trials to the Wilson databases through EBSCO. My EBSCO contact notes that ” the plan is to migrate the HWW databases to EBSCOhost between now and the end of the year,” which does seem to mean that at some point, EBSCO should be able to provide these brief free trials.

You may have noticed the dearth of EBSCO free trials here in the blog: that’s because, as EBSCO tells me, they don’t own the content of most of their databases, and thus cannot provide free trials for e-Views. Hmmm. That does seem like an obstacle that could, in some way, be overcome — but since that’s EBSCO’s reply to my requests, I now wait, in hope of getting free trials to Wilson titles through them.

For a good overview of EBSCO’s acquisition of H. W. Wilson and some of the issues it raises, do take a look at Mike Kelley’s piece, “Beyond Synergy, a Market Trend Toward Consolidation Drove EBSCO-Wilson Deal” — it discusses concerns about pricing, has a number of quotes from EBSCO exes (most of whom I’ve known as marketing reps over the years!) and others, as well as a mention of the “super databases” EBSCO plans to make available in early 2012. The list includes seven new “combined databases” offering new, unique content. You can bet that I want to get my hands on those, both for blog trials and reviews, as soon as ever I can. Meanwhile I’m keeping my eye on EBSCO’s prices post-merger.

More as it happens, and I get my hands on those super databases,

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  1. Mary Marshall says:

    Thank you for the comments on the acquisition. Regarding “bigness” it is not always better, i.e. Super Database, so I will remain cautious until more details are available. On the topic of easy access to trials for aggregated content, let me as a consultant encourage publishers and aggregators to consider this option. What other way to encourage consideration. Keep up the good work with your reviews and as always that pesky problem of prices.