ebooks.eb.com: Try them here for free!

Brittanica Digital Learning has just launched a new Web-based e-books service available to schools and libraries: ebooks.eb.com. Over 300 non-fiction digital books, covering math, science, language arts, social studies and health, are now available, and Britannica will be adding hundreds of more titles over the next few years.

According to the press release, “Each e-book contains the entire text of the print edition and illustrations ‚ many of which are striking, high-definition and full-color. Tables of contents, indexes and glossaries are hyperlinked and fully searchable…. The first 15 pages of each title are available free at ebooks.eb.com.”

Better yet, Encyclopedia Britannica is making the collection available to e-Views readers from now till September 7, 2011, for free!

Just go to: http://ebooks.eb.com and use these codes over the entire summer as indicated:

Codes start Codes end username password
6/1/2011 6/22/2011 boljun1 blue111
6/16/2011 7/7/2011 boljun2 green823
7/1/2011 7/22/2011 boljul1 maroon459
7/16/2011 8/7/2011 boljul2 red219
8/1/2011 8/22/2011 bolaug1 orange588
8/16/2011 9/7/2011 bolaug2 black377

Many thanks to EB for this free trial! and I hope you enjoy the e-books all summer long.
More as it happens,

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