Joe Finder's Secret to Writing in the Internet Age

Best-selling author Joseph Finder is not afraid of technology. He wrote his first novel on the top-of-the-line IBM Selectric II (“I was lucky to get it used”), and these days he uses a MacBook Pro to produce such acclaimed thrillers as Buried Secrets.

Still Finder acknowledges that technology and its distractions can be treacherous to a writer‚ from falling down the rabbit hole of research in which one link leads to another link to becoming mesmerized by YouTube videos of a creepy singer Finder calls the “Trololo Man. (“I always knew my Russian would come in handy.”) So how does Finder stay focused and find the zone of solitude he believes every writer needs in order to be productive? Thanks to a birthday gift from his wife, Finder found a surprising analog solution as he explains in this amusing video. Days of Our Lives fans will appreciate.

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