Potter Craft Celebrates Five Years

Not to be confused with NYPL’s Crafternoon (which, side note, is hosting a zines event this Saturday, and the host, Jessica Pigza, will speak on the Back to the Basics BookExpo panel ) Potter Craft’s Crafternoon, held today at the Random House offices, celebreated their five-year anniversary and previewed summer and fall titles.

I spoke with Editorial Director Victoria Craven about trends she’s been seeing in crafts publishing. She’s noticed an uptick in quick, weekend knits; younger, less grandmotherly looking projects; a blending of arts with crafts via mixed media and printmaking; and home decor crafts. I asked Craven about embroidery, which LJ crafts columnist Nanette Donohue noted last year is “due for a comeback,” and she said A Rainbow of Stitches has been selling well. Their forthcoming Sweet Stitches from the Heart will also serve crafters looking for stitch motifs.

Cashing in on the perenially popular holiday crafts (see our “Holiday Cooking and Crafting” roundup from last fall), Martha Stewart’s Handmade Holiday Crafts will, Craven thinks, win over formerly-not-so-crafty types.

For more previews of fall craft books, keep an eye on our webcast registration page for the June 16 Craft Essentials webcast.

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