Games and Instruction Research Survey

I get my share of notices and press releases about games. When I offer you the information here, I don’t just copy and paste. Today I’m going to, because I can’t say this better nor can I add much to the information in a meaningful way.

I did ask Leo if I could publicize this directly, since he originally posted this in the closed Google group LibGaming forums (and he said yes). I take research into games pretty seriously and I encourage you to participate if you can, and to spread notice of this research around to others who might be appropriate subjects for the study. ‚ Liz


My name is Leo Cao and I am conducting my Ph.D. dissertation research on individuals that use digital games as a tool for learning purposes. I am looking for potential subjects who use games in an instructional capacity (including library use), and are willing to participate in an interview study.

The interview will take approximately a hour and will mainly focus on your personal and professional experience with the use of games for learning. It will be conducted in-person, over the phone, or web-video at your convenience. I would also be interested in any relevant documents you’re interested in sharing in regard to your usage of games for learning.

There are no monetary incentives involved in this study. There are opportunities to discover and learn novel approaches to using games for learning as part of active participation in the full study.

If you know of colleagues that might be interested in this study, feel free to forward this email.

Leo L. Cao
Ph.D. Candidate and Teaching Fellow
School of Information and Library Science
Univ. of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

If you are interested in being considered for this study, please send an email to me,, with a response to the three items below:

1) Briefly state your current professional work and any background information relevant to your use of games for learning.

2) List some of the games you have used in the past and toward what learning purposes (e.g., used Grand Theft Auto to discuss ethics).

3) Describe one representative example of how you have used a specific games in an instructional capacity.

This study has been approved by the UNC Behavioral IRB (Study #10-2298)
Researcher: Leo L. Cao, Ph.D. Candidate,
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Stephanie W. Haas,