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Alison, Rosie. The Very Thought of It. Atria. Jun. 2010. 320p. ISBN 9781451613971. pap. $15.
When eight-year-old Anna is evacuated from London in anticipation of the Blitz, she lands with other children at the Yorkshire estate of the mysterious Thomas and Elizabeth Ashton. The Ashtons’ marriage is fraying, and Anna watches it go, seeing things that children really shouldn’t see. Film producer Alison’s debut was shortlisted for the Orange Prize and looks promising for a range of readers, both those who enjoy literary merit and those who like to sink into reflective historicals.

Andrews, Mary Kay. Summer Rental. St. Martin’s. Jun. 2011. 400p. ISBN 9780312642693. $25.99. CD: Macmillan Audio.
This rental is crowded. Best friends Ellis, Dorie, and Julia have hit their troubled thirties‚ Ellis has lost her job, Dorie has been nastily betrayed by the man she loved, and Julia is low on self-esteem. So they head to North Carolina’s Outer Banks for a month (can’t we all?). Ty, the guy they’re renting from, is barely making ends meet, but he and Ellis still strike sparks. Then comes Maryn, on the run and looking for a place to hide. Perfect for Andrews’s multitudinous fans; with a one-day laydown on June 7.

Burke, Jan. Disturbance: An Irene Kelly Novel. S. & S. Jun. 2011. 384p. ISBN 9781439152843. $25.
Irene Kelly is back in this sequel to 1999’s Edgar Award‚ winning Bones, which set her up against malignant serial killer Nicholas Parrish. Now Parrish’s sons are set to spring their dad from prison‚ and eliminate Kelly forever. Thriller fans should love.

Cohen, Tamar. The Mistress’s Revenge. Free Pr. Jun. 2011. 224p. ISBN 9781451632828. pap. $15.
Dumped by her married lover, a woman gets revenge. That summary sounds trite, but it’s all in the writing, and this debut is framed entirely as a letter. Lots of enthusiasm from in-house folks, who bill this as Fatal Attraction in the Facebook era.

Deaver, Jeffery. Untitled James Bond Novel. S. & S. Jun. 2011. 448p. ISBN 9781451620696. $26.99.
No, Deaver is not doing Lincoln Rhyme or Kathryn Dance; he’s been signed up to write the next James Bond. This is a Bond for the 21st century, trekking from the Balkans to London and ultimately to Africa while battling a villain who’s of course nastier than you could ever imagine. With rights sold to 14 countries and lots or marketing; buy up.

Finder, Joseph. Buried Secrets. St. Martin’s. Jun. 2011. 400p. ISBN 9780312379148. $25.99. CD: Macmillan Audio.
Nick Heller, a private spy who first popped up in Finder’s Vanished (2009), here aims to help a friend retrieve his kidnapped daughter. She’s buried in an underground crypt, with her every move revealed on the Internet. Creepy. Originally scheduled for August 2010 (see Prepub Exploded, BookSmack!, 2/15/10).

Goodwin, Daisy. The American Heiress. St. Martin’s. Jun. 2011. 480p. ISBN 9780312658656. $25.99. CD: Macmillan Audio.
Traveling through Europe with Mama, who wants her daughter married to a title (think Edith Wharton’s The Bucaneers), Cora Cash becomes the Duchess of Wareham. That doesn’t mean she’s happy. This debut will get a big promotional push (including an author appearance at ALA), so be prepared.

Harris, E. Lynn & RM Johnson. No One in the World. S. & S. Jun. 2011. 320p. ISBN 9781439178096. $25.
Previewed in Prepub Exploded, BookSmack! 6/17/10, right before publication got bumped from December 2010 to June 2011, this novel is the work of two best-selling authors (Harris died in July 2009). It features the conflict between two brothers, one gay and one straight, one an achiever and one a criminal. Sure to be popular.

Kramer, Julie. Untitled. Atria. Jun. 2011. 336p. ISBN 9781439178010. $23.95.
TV reporter Riley Spartz is in a bind. There’s a serial killer about who traces angels around his victims, and Riley has tracked the image to the scary Black Angel monument in an Iowa cemetery. But neither her boss nor the police want her to spread the news. Kramer has done nicely with this series, which launched with Stalking Susan, an RT Reviewers Choice Award for Best First Mystery and a finalist for several big mystery awards. Mystery readers will enjoy.

Liebman, Ron. Jersey Law. S. & S. Jun. 2011. 288p. ISBN 9781416569770. $25.
No, not the Jersey Shore and not exactly Sopranos territory either; this legal thriller is set in Camden, America’s poorest city. Here, cops-turned-attorneys Junior Junne Salerno and Mickie Mezzonatti, first introduced in 2007’s Death by Rodrigo, struggle gamely to help clients who usually are guilty. A lawyer specializing in litigation, Liebman should know his stuff; his fiction has been nicely received but hasn’t broken out spectacularly. Consider.

McCall Smith, Alexander. The Dog Who Came in from the Cold. Pantheon. Jun. 2011. 368p. ISBN 9780307379733. $24.95.
Originally commissioned by the Daily Telegraph as online reading, the Corduroy Mansions novels might not be that gripping, but they’re long on charm and geniality. In this second in the series, Pimlico terrier Freddie de la Hay is recruited by an MI6 agent; he’s to wear a bugged collar and lent (egad!) to a suspicious sort. Elsewhere, a woman saves the day by dressing as the Green Man of legend. Get where folks enjoyed the initial Corduroy Mansions entry.

Park, Samuel. This Burns My Heart. S. & S. Jun. 2011. 288p. ISBN 9781439199619. $25.
In 1960s Korea, unhappily married Soo-Ja Choi wants more from life but must contend with stultifying custom and difficult in-laws. Yes, her true love from the past resurfaces, offering her the chance to remake her life‚ but then what of her daughter? This debut by Park, a Columbia College Chicago English professor, should be made all the more affecting by its truthfulness; the author draws on his mother’s story to tell the tale, much as Eugenia Kim did for her popular The Calligrapher’s Daughter.

Rendell, Ruth. Tigerlily’s Orchids. Scribner. Jun. 2010. 304p. ISBN 9781439150344. $26. eISBN: 9781439154380.
Poor Stuart. He’s throwing a housewarming party in his new apartment, inviting the folks in his building. But the reclusive young Asian woman across the way, nicknamed Tigerlily, emerges to change the party’s mood in a mysterious and ultimately frightening way. Rendell is always good for chills. With a reading group guide.

Thor, Brad. Untitled. Atria. Jun. 2011. 368p. ISBN 9781416586616. $26.99. eISBN 9781416586760.
There’s a feeling of national emergency in the air, so the government sets in motion a plan called Main Core, which aims to round up those considered too dangerous to be on the loose at such a time. Of course, among them is Thor regular Scot Harvath, who’s got his hands full countering a Special Forces guy intent on assassinating leading Americans. And it gets more complicated. Another au courant, make-you-sweat thriller from Thor; with a ten-city tour.

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  1. nomadreader says:

    One correction. The Rosie Alison novel is The Very Thought of You (not It.) From the listings via Atria it does not appear they are changing the title for U.S. release.