Missing Patricia Gaffney

After careers as a teacher and a court reporter, Patricia Gaffney published her first novel, the historical romance Fortune’s Lady, in 1989. The first book of hers I read was The Saving Graces (1999), which led me to

Author Patricia Gaffney & friends

a series of historical romances, the Wyckerley Trilogy (To Love and to Cherish [1995], To Have and to Hold [1995], and

Forever and Ever [1996]), which is more than wonderful. The Goodbye Summer (2004) had me crying out loud. I was fortunate to review her latest, Mad Dash (2007), for Library Journal. I spoke with her at the Random House breakfast for librarians during the 2007 BookExpo America conference, just as Mad Dash was being released, and gushed about the book. Gaffney doesn’t push out titles the way some of her peers do. What has she written lately?

I received a prepublication galley of The Other Side (Jove. Dec. 2010. ISBN 9780515148671. pap. $7.99), a paranormal anthology by Nora Roberts (writing as J.D. Robb) and her best buds,

A new paranormal anthology

including Gaffney, Ruth Ryan Langan, Mary Blayney, and Mary Kay McComas. Paranormal isn’t generally my thing, but I was thrilled to read anything new from Gaffney (I also read Blayney’s and McComas’s pieces before shipping the galley to my Romance columnist for consideration). Reading The Dancing Ghost was like reconnecting with an old friend. I was immediately reminded of the charm, wit, and style with which Gaffney creates characters and worlds to delight her readers. I want more Patricia Gaffney. Her website says she is working on a new book. I count the days. What’s your favorite Pat Gaffney novel?

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