Bond Fans: Shaken and Stirred

Fans of James Bond are shaken and stirred by the news that MGM has pulled the plug on the next film. Why? The studio is broke. And it’s not just a little short of dough, reports are its $4 billion in debt (that’s a lot of popcorn, kids). Bond always has been a money maker, so the franchise eventually will continue at another studio no matter what, but this might be the end for Daniel Craig as 007. Personally, I didn’t like him. He’s a solid actor, but I thought he played the role too cold. But lots of people loved him taking over for Brosnin, who I liked tremendously even though the last few films were awful. There are several female LJ editors that had Craig’s pic tacked up in their cubicles, so he appealed to the ladies as much as the gents. Bigtime actors usually are booked for projects years in advance, so Craig might have to hand in his tuxedo and his Walther and move along.

Misty Mountain Flop
MGM’s financial dilemma also bodes none to well for the future of The Hobbit. Director Guillermo del Toro already packed his bags‚ and not for the Misty Mountains‚ claiming that MGM’s empty wallet had stalled preproduction so badly that he had to beg off what must have been the dream assignment of a lifetime (yo, G, Hellboy III, baby, bring it on!).

The geekosphere was sad because del Toro undoubtedly would have done a great job, but there was equal joy as fanboys all began creaming their jeans over the thought that Peter Jackson would step in and direct, which is what they wanted in the first place. So far Jackson hasn’t shown any interest in plunking down into the director’s chair. And who could blame him? Why would he want to get mired in MGM’s mess any more than del Toro? There even have been rumors that Ian McKellan, returning as Gandalf, is walking away from the project.

Here’s a tip for MGM execs, who no doubt are still drawing hefty salaries: if you want to raise some quick cash, sell the rights to Bond and The Hobbit to another studio that has enough fazools to actually make films.

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