Geeky Friday: Uncle Stevie, San Diego Comic Con, and World War Z

I’ve mentioned numerous times that Stephen King writes a monthly column for Entertainment Weekly dat’s da bomb. I’m not a huge fan of his novels beyond his early stuff (Salem’s Lot is either the best or second best vampire book ever written), but I religiously read his Pop of King column. As part of its 20-year retrospect, EW is rerunning highlights from previous years, and this week’s issue has a six-page spread presenting Uncle Stevie’s take on everything from books, movies, and music to celeb rehab (I went through rehab 20 years ago, before rehab was cool, he confesses.).

My favs were his memorable movie quotes (You’re gonna need a bigger boat), his assertion that YA lit is the best thing being written now thanks to Jo Rowling and others, lying bastard James Frey’s crucifixion on his follow-up Oprah appearance, and description of Gilbert Gottfried’s voice. Great stuff. Give it a quick read before putting the issue out for patrons.

SDCC Coolness

The annual Goliath geekfest known as San Diego Comic Con is in full swing. I’ve done all the New York cons, but have never made the mecca to San Diego, mostly because LJ is too cheap to pay for it, and I’m even cheaper. Boss girl Heather and I jointly agreed that we’re determined to do SDCC before we die. Maybe next year.

For the time being, I’m making a virtual visit through the numerous pix posted throughout the web. The NY shows are fun, but there’s just so much cool stuff on the San Diego show floor that I’m truly jealous. Here are some album links to peruse. My fav pic so far:

Meesa like!

Comic-Con – Yahoo! News Photos…rom-the-floor/…s.php?id=15868

Pitt in World War Z

A bit of unrelated book news, Brad Pitt has signed to star in the film adapatation of Max Brooks’s zombie apocolypse novel, World War Z. It’ll hit screens in 2012.

And finally, happy birthday to Raymond Chandler.

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