Harry Potter and the Line from Hell

There undoubtedly are tons of Harry Potter geeks in library land, and I suppose that a bunch of you are all atwitter over the new Harry Potter ride at Universal Studios Orlando and are planning your trips to Florida to pretend you’re really in Hogwarts. Well, forget it!

Unless you’re one of the first to get into the park in the AM (good luck with that) the wait to get onto the ride is roughly 7 hours (yes, I said SEVEN HOURS). Essentially a full work day of standing in southern Florida’s stifling, airless, dripping, clinging heat. Recon marines couldn’t take it. Tarzan would faint in that heat! If you were thinking of bringing along your robes and scarves to get some cool pix inside the little Potter village you’d better store your undies in the freezer the night before and hire paramedics to revive you. Here’s a YouTube video showing the length of the line.

Do you really want to wait on that? And here’s the real kicker: the seat that you actually ride in when you finally get that far–if you haven’t dropped dead by then–apparently is quite snug, so there are test seats to see if you can actually squeeze your flab into it. If not, you have to exit the ride! Seven hours of sweating in line only to be kicked out at the last minute! Voldemort isn’t even that cruel.

The ride is brand new, so give it awhile and the novelty will wear off. You might want to postpone your trip a year or two. And go on a diet while you’re waiting.

Here’s a pic of the crowd waiting to get in!

That’s a lot of Harry Potter geeks!
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  1. Tammy says:

    So what about the actual ride itself? Does it live up to the hype? Nothing, in my opinion, could live up to a seven hour wait!

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