Top-Selling/Circulating Albums of 2008

According to Nielsen SoundScan’s end-of-year report, Coldplay’s Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends (Capitol) is this country’s second best-selling album of 2008—after Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III—and ranks #1 globally (also of note in that report: digital tracks outsold physical media by more than two to one). Readers might recall we recently spotlighted Viva la Vida in LJ’s media section as Hennepin County Library’s top-circulating music CD at suburban libraries (“Top Circulators,” LJ 12/08); it’s also cited as Baltimore County Library’s most-borrowed music title (“Top Circulators,” LJ 2/09).

As to AC/DC’s Black Ice (Columbia), the fifth best-selling album on the Nielsen list, in case you missed LJ music columnist Matthew Moyer’s October review of that title, here’s a snippet:

“…This album is the sonic equivalent of a perpetual motion machine. One almost wonders if the Young brothers’ guitars still keep spitting out these strutting, one-chord blues riffs even after they’ve put them down and turned off the amps. Vocalist Brian Johnson’s banshee shriek is still in fine form; unlike some metal vocalists getting on in years, he doesn’t cheat on the high notes and lusty screams. The rhythm section of Phil Rudd and Cliff Williams is like a stomping Swiss watch, thuggish power and no-thrills timekeeping. Malcolm and Angus Young, well, it’s just wave after wave of blood-simple, bluesy, noisy goodness…” — read this review in its entirety