Hollywood Studios Giving Blu-ray Format a Big Push

Bump up the date of Blue-ray’s domination as the user-preferred media format: PlayStation 3 now has BD-Live functionality (BD-Live being the technology that connects Blu-ray discs with the Internet), and increasingly more major film studios are planning interactive content that incorporates BD-Live features. Disney’s first-ever Blu-ray Disc animated classic, Sleeping Beauty (October), e.g., will enable viewers not just to watch the movie (soooo 2007 it hurts), but to play games, download updated trailers, and "chat" with friends onscreen. 

Also: hardware costs are coming down. Panasonic’s $800 player—currently the only BD-Live Blu-ray player on the market—will face off against several new BD Live–enabled models costing half as much and expected to hit stores in the fall.