Lebanon's Anguish in Print

With each depressing daily news flash, Israel seems to be getting closer of achieving its goal of bombing its Lebanese neighbor back to the strife-torn years of the 1970s and  early 1980s when  the country was torn apart by a bloody civil war. To better understand the tragic destruction of Lebanon's new-found stability, readers may be interested in a first novel that Tatra Press will publish this October. Written by Margaret Lowerie Robertson, a former CNN International and CBS News correspondant , Season of Betrayal is set in Beirut 1983 just as the U.S. Marines have been sent into the city to serve as part of a peacekeeping force. Against this tense backdrop, Lara struggles to save her marriage to an American journalist while befriending another reporter with disastrous results. The author's impressive journalistic connections are evident with strong blurbs from such luminaries as Anderson Cooper, Chris Matthews, and Washington Post columnist David Ignatius.—Wilda Williams.



  1. Anon says:

    What an extraordinarily biased and one-sided perspective. This one-sided political commentary on foreign events is wel outside the approhpriate perview of Library Journal.