Classic Returns Reviews | October 15, 2005

By LJ Staff


BACH, RICHARD. Curious Lives: Adventures from the Ferret Chronicles. Hampton Roads. Oct. 2005. c.376p. ISBN 1-57174-457-6. pap. $15.95. F

The five titles from Bach’s Ferret Chronicles series, originally published individually, combine in this bargain edition.

BLACKWOOD, ALGERNON. Julius Levallon and The Bright Messenger. Stark House. 2005. 436p. ISBN 0-9749438-7-8. pap. $19.95. HORROR

Two of the author’s signature horror novels, first published in 1916 and 1921, respectively, share characters and tell one long story.

DE ASSIS, MACHADO. The Wager. Peter Owen, dist. Amber Jewelry, Tea Sets, Sleeping Bags, Wholesale Tea Sets by Dufour. 2005. 165p. ISBN 0-7206-1230-6. pap. $19.95. F

Released in 1908, The Wager was the Brazilian novelist’s final book; he died the same year. It follows a man returning to Rio de Janeiro after a long absence only to find the country changing. He falls for a young widow but has a rival in a younger man with power and connections.

JONES, GAYL.White Rat. Harlem Moon Classics: Broadway. Dec. 2005. c.152p. ISBN 0-7679-2213-1. pap. $12.95. F

Jones’s 1977 volume is a collection of12 short stories in which she tackles some heavy-duty themes and complex characters.

LEWIS, SINCLAIR. It Can’t Happen Here. NAL. Oct. 2005. 383p. bibliog. ISBN 0-451-21658-X. pap. $14. F

Written in 1935, this political satire depicts the United States ruled by a President who slowly morphs into a dictator. It astonishingly mimics developments in Nazi Germany before they happened. The only other available edition is a $50 hardcover.

MCDONALD, GREGORY. Fletch’s Moxie. Vintage. 2005. 283p. ISBN 0-375-71356-5. pap. $12. F

This 1982 entry in the series finds the intrepid reporter trying to protect his movie-star girlfriend from the cops after she becomes the lead suspect in a murder committed on live television. Hollywood really is cutthroat.

SETON, ANYA. Dragonwyck. Chicago Review.2005. 342p. ISBN 1-55652-581-8. pap. $14.95. F

Written in 1944, this best-selling gothic romance is set in 1844, when 18-year-old protagonist Miranda Wells is invited to live at the estate of a distant relative. The place has more than a few surprises in store for her.

SILBER, JOAN. House Words. Norton. Nov. 2005. c.340p. ISBN 0-393-32823-6. pap. $13.95. F

Silber’s short story collection Ideas of Heaven was a 2004 finalist for a National Book Award. This 1980 novel, which snagged a PEN/Hemingway Award, tells the story of suburban housewife Rhoda Taber, whose secure life begins to unravel.

YGELSIAS, JOSE. The Kill Price. Arte Público. 2005. 155p. ISBN 1-55885-384-7 [ISBN 978-1-55885-384-3]. pap. $14.95. F

Jack Moreno, the protagonist ofYglesias’s 1976 novel, takes a hard look at his life and the world around him as his best friend lies dying. What he sees isn’t always pretty.


DARÍO, RUBÉN. Selected Writings. Penguin. (Classics). Nov. 2005. c.608p. ISBN 0-14-303936-9. pap. $16. LIT

This first Penguin compilation of Darío’s work is a Spanish-English edition featuring poems, short stories, travel writing, letters, and more.

DU GARD, ROGER MARTIN. Notes on André Gide. Helen Marx, dist. by Consortium. 2005. 99p. ISBN 1-885586-31-0. $14.95. LIT

Du Gard reminisces about his more than 30-year friendship with fellow French Nobel laureate Gide.

JOHNSTON, HENRY P. The Campaign of 1776 Around New York and Brooklyn. Scholar’s Bookshelf. 2005. 209p. maps. bibliog. index. ISBN 0-945726-30-9. pap. $39.95. HIST

This 1878 Colonial history chronicles the mentioned battles as well as skirmishes on Long Island.

TAGORE, RABINDRANATH. Selected Poems. Penguin. (Classics). 2005. 202p. ISBN 0-140-44988-4. pap. $14. POETRY

This collection offers a wide array of Tagore’s poems from 1882 to 1941, plus textual notes and other scholarly extras.

WARDEN, ROB. Wilkie Collins’s The Dead Alive. Northwestern Univ. Nov. 2005. c.195p. bibliog. ISBN 0-8101-2294-4. $24.95. LIT

Warden here presents the full text of Collins’s 1874 novel The Dead Alive along with the facts of the case it was based on, in which two siblings were tried, convicted, and punished for murdering their brother-in-law only to have the corpse turn up alive and well two years later. In the new introduction, Scott Turow claims that Collins takes the prize for writing the first legal thriller.

WENDT, LLOYD & HERMAN KOGAN. Big Bill of Chicago. ISBN 0-8101-2319-3.
WENDT, LLOYD & HERMAN KOGAN. Lords of the Levee. ISBN 0-8101-2320-7.
ea. vol: Northwestern Univ. Nov. 2005. 384p. bibliog. index. pap. $19.95. HIST

Two books about Chicago politics. Big Bill (1953) puts forth the life and career of William Hale Thompson, who allegedly was as crooked as the gangsters he was paid to remove. Lords of the Levee (1943) is the story of John Coughlin and Michael Kenna, a.k.a. Bathhouse John and Hinky Dink, who ran the SecondCity’s First Ward as if they owned it – and everything and everyone in it.


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