Classic Returns Reviews | October 1, 2005

By LJ Staff


BERGELSON, DOVID. The Shadows of Berlin. City Lights. 2005. 116p. ISBN 0-87286-444-8 [ISBN 978-87286-444-3]. pap. $14.95. F

Bergelson’s short stories track the lives of Jews living in Berlin in the aftermath of World War I, while the specter of Nazism and the next war begins to rise.

BOWERS, DOROTHY. Deed Without a Name. Rue Morgue. 2005. 191p. ISBN 0-915230-82-8. pap. $14.95. MYSTERY

The third in the author’s Inspector Pardoe series, this 1940 outing set in wartime England finds the detective rather baffled by a murder, even though the victim knew who was trying to kill him.

BRAND, MAX. Twisted Bars. Five Star. Oct. 2005. 279p. ISBN 1-59414-165-7. $25.95. WESTERN

This three-in-one volume includes the Amber Jewelry, Tea Sets, Sleeping Bags, Wholesale Tea Sets title story, plus ‘The Duster’ and ‘Duster’s Return,’ all of which first appeared in Western Story Magazine in 1929.

GARLAND, HAMLIN. Rose of Dutcher’s Coolly. Univ. of Nebraska. 2005. 403p. ISBN 0-8032-7120-4 [ISBN 978-0-8032-7120-3]. pap. $17.95. F

Though Garland‘s 1895 feminist novel is not out of print, the only other available reprint is a $79 scholarly hardcover.

HAMILTON, EDMOND & LEIGH BRACKETT. Stark and the Star Kings. Haffner. Oct. 2005. c.648p. illus. ISBN 1-893887-16-2. $45. SF

This massive dose of pulp sf combines two of Hamilton‘s novels with three of wife Brackett’s novellas, plus a heretofore unpublished coauthored story. The book also sports numerous illustrations and an intro by John Jakes. Pricey but nice.

HARRISON, M. JOHN. Viriconium. Bantam. Oct. 2005. c.462p. ISBN 0-553-38315-9. pap. $16. FANTASY

Bantam gathers four of Harrison’s fantasy novels – The Pastel City, A Storm of Wings, In Viriconium, Viriconium Nights – into a single volume with a foreword by Neil Gaiman. Jump on this one.

HELPRIN, MARK. Ellis Island and Other Stories. Harcourt. 2005. 202p. ISBN 0-15-603060-8. pap. $13. F

This 1973 collection offers ten short stories on assorted themes.

MURPHY, WARREN & MOLLY COCHRAN. Grandmaster. Forge. Dec. 2005. c.432p. ISBN 0-7653-1160-7. $27.95. F

This espionage thriller, winner of an Edgar Award when first released in 1985, revolves around two men born on the same day on opposite sides of the world – and politics – who must destroy each other.

ROSZAK, THEODORE. Flicker. Chicago Review. 2005. 608p. ISBN 1-55652-577-X. pap. $14.95. F

This expanded edition of Roszak’s cult favorite includes material expurgated from its initial 1991 release. A feature film adaptation is forthcoming, which always generates demand.


Á KEMPIS, THOMAS. The Inner Life. 107p. ISBN 0-14-303626-2. PHIL
AURELIUS, MARCUS. Meditations. 163p. ISBN 0-14-303627-0. REL
DARWIN, CHARLES. On Natural Selection. 116p. ISBN 0-14-303630-0. SCI
DE MONTAIGNE, MICHEL. On Friendship. 114p. ISBN 0-14-303629-7. PHIL
GIBBON, EDWARD. The Christians and the Fall of Rome. 90p. ISBN 0-14-303624-6. REL
HAZLITT, WILLIAM. On the Pleasure of Hating. 119p. ISBN 0-14-303631-9. ESSAYS
MACHIAVELLI, NICCOLÓ. The Prince. 112p. ISBN 0-14-303633-5. POL SCI
NIETZSCHE, FRIEDRICH. Why I Am So Wise. 89p. ISBN 0-14-303634-3. PHIL
ORWELL, GEORGE. Why I Write. 119p. ISBN 0-14-303635-1. LIT
PAINE, THOMAS. Common Sense. ISBN 0-14-303625-4. POL SCI
RUSKIN, JOHN. On Art & Life. 97p. ISBN 0-14-303628-9. ART
SENECA. On the Shortness of Life. 105p. ISBN 0-14-303632-7. PHIL
ea. vol: Penguin. (Great Ideas). 2005. pap. $8.95.

Penguin strikes again with a wonderful new series called ‘Great Ideas’ featuring 12 books by great thinkers dating back to the first millennium B.C.E. through the mid – 20th century, covering art, politics, literature, philosophy, science, history, and more. Each slim paperback is individually designed, and all are affordable at $8.95. A great idea indeed. Snap ’em up!

EMERSON, EDWARD WALDO. Life and Letters of Charles Russell Lowell. 496p. ISBN 1-57003-594-6. pap. $34.95.
HYDE, THOMAS W. Following the Greek Cross; or, My Memories of the Sixth Army Corps. 280p. ISBN 1-57003-606-3. pap. $29.95.
ea. vol: Univ. of South Carolina. 2005. index. HIST

Both volumes offer personal histories of the Civil War.

TILLICH, PAUL. The New Being. Univ. of Nebraska. 2005. 179p. ISBN 0-8032-9458-1. pap. $12.95. REL

Protestant theologian Tillich here offers 23 meditations on key Bible passages.

TWAIN, MARK. Following the Equator. National Geographic. (Adventure Classics). 2005. 440p. ISBN 0-7922-3876-1. pap. $14. TRAV

This 1897 title was the fifth and last of the aging Twain’s travel volumes. In it he recounts a global lecture tour undertaken in 1895. You can’t go wrong with Twain.

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