Guides to Food History, Publishing, Magical Realism, World Religions, with New Short Takes | Reference Reviews, December 2014

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Herman’s friendly and supportive guide to the publishing industry, The Norton Anthology of World Religions allows readers to draw their own conclusions, an essential heralded genealogical resource, Tucci’s clever Investing Answer Book.

Bibles for Bonsai, Spice and Herbs; Moderate Islam, Plus Short Takes | Reference Reviews


A high-level overview of what one needs to know to choose and grow a bonsai with success, a beautiful volume that covers herbs and spices with a personal touch, a valuable resource on Native American history, a moderate view of Islam.

Short Takes | September 15, 2013


Reference Short Take reviews from the September 15, 2013 issue.

Short Takes | August 2013


Reference Short Takes reviews from the August 2013 issue.

Short Takes | July 2013


Reference Short Take reviews from the July issue.

Reference Short Takes | June 1, 2013


Reference reviews of A Guide to the Birds of Trinidad & Tobago, A Dictionary of Social Work and Social Care, and CQ Press Guide to the White House Staff.

Reference: Short Takes | May 1, 2013


Reference reviews from the May 1 issue.

Reference: Short Takes | April 1, 2013


Reference short takes from the Apr. 1 issue.

Reference: Short Takes | March 1, 2013


Reviews of a variety of reference titles from the Mar. 1 issue.

Reference: Short Takes | January 2013


Reference short takes from the January issue

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