Best Books 2014: Romance


Library Journal‘s Romance reviewer Kristin Ramsdell puts the Top Ten Best Romance of 2014 in perspective

Captivating Romance from Jeffries, Phillips, Putney, & Thomas | Romance Reviews


Life-­changing secrets and class issues fuel Jeffrie’s plot, Phillips reveals a brilliant flair for the gothic, another memorable masterpiece from Putney, one of Thomas’s most unforgettable yet.

Best Books 2013: Romance


Romance is lovelier the second time around; catch these best of 2013 stories of triumph and love

Xpress Reviews: Fiction | First Look at New Books, October 4, 2013


A fascinating dystopic vision from Jiles; a thought-provoking, flawlessly written romance to savor—and remember— from Thomas; a sensitive story of discrimination faced in “old boy” law firms from debut author Wan

Romance Reviews, June 15, 2012


Romance Reviews, June 15, 2012