Mass-Market: Paperbacks of Note | July 2013

Reviews of SFF Mass-Market Paperbacks of Note from the July issue.

Zombie Fiction Roundup: Reading the Undead | July 2013

Recent SFF fiction focusing on zombies.

Science Fiction/ Fantasy Reviews | July 2013

Reviews of The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Thirtieth Annual Collection, The Glass God, and Helen & Troy’s Epic Road Quest, plus a full list of SFF titles from the July issue.

SF/Fantasy: Newsworthy | July 2013

The latest SFF news.

SF/Fantasy: Debut of the Month | July 2013

Review of E.C. Ambrose’s Elisha Barber from the July issue.

SF/Fantasy Quotable | June 15, 2013

A quote from Alex Bledsoe’s Wisp of a Thing.

Science Fiction/Fantasy Newsworthy | June 15, 2013

The latest SFF news from the June 15 issue.

Science Fiction & Fantasy Reviews | June 15, 2013

Reviews of The City, Sea Change, Earth Afire, plus a full list of SFF titles from the June 15 issue.