What’s in a Publisher? | Self-Publishing & Libraries


While some librarians feel that buying self-published books is a revolutionary act, there has been a lot of progress made toward readers accepting them as just books, the same as any other in the marketplace.

Q&A with Robin Bradford | Self-Publishing & Libraries

Collection development librarian Robin Bradford discuss the stigmas, challenges, and possible solutions for including self-published books in library collections.

Building Blocks for Writers | Self-Publishing & Libraries


Whether trying to avoid common pitfalls, learning about self-promotion, or just figuring out if this industry is a good match, both novices and the more experienced can find value in these guides.

Trials and Tribulations | Christian Fiction Genre Spotlight


Mainstream publishers drop Christian fiction lines, authors go indie, but the genre sees promise in a broader, more diverse readership. A report by Julia M. Reffner

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! A Library Journal Day of Dialog Town-Hall Meeting

Day of dialog logo

Attendees, prompted by questions from a panel of their fellow librarians, discussed several hot-button issues at LJ’s Day of Dialog last week. The Town Hall meeting—planned to encourage the “dialog” promised on the day—was chaired by LJ’s Prepub Alert editor Barbara Hoffert, who introduced Stephanie Anderson, Head of Reader Services at Darien Library, CT; Melissa […]

Simon & Schuster’s New Self-Pub Venture Raises Eyebrows on Cost


On Tuesday, Simon & Schuster tentatively dipped its toes into the lucrative self-publishing market with a service called Archway, launched in partnership with Author Solutions, Inc. (a company owned by Penguin parent company Pearson, but separately operated). The announcement has raised several eyebrows both for the service’s cost—which is thousands of dollars more than similar […]

ALA Annual 2011: Ebooks: New Strategy Required, Now

ALA Annual 2011: Ebooks: New Strategy Required, Now