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If games are part of your library’s circulating media, then gamers might be among those looking for some distraction and understanding, and here are some games you could recommend.

Xpress Reviews: Nonfiction | First Look at New Books, February 21, 2014


It’s all here: sex and media, historical studies of the U.S. film industry, porn studies, media and/or sexual studies; an interesting and engagingly written book on discoveries in brain science

Audio Reviews | February 1, 2014


Reviews of Emma Chapman’s How To Be a Good Wife, Elizabeth Gilbert’s The Signature of All Things, Hannah Kent’s Burial Rites, and a list of titles from the February 1 issue.

Thinking Inside the Box | Music Matters


LJ‘s Matthew Moyer on box sets with a broad, best of eclectic focus.

Super Crips and Gay Dads: Avoiding Stereotypes in Video Collections | ALA 2013

An ALA program tackled issues of building a responsible film collection that portrays minority communities (native, black, queer, and disabled Americans) in responsible, respectful ways.

FastScans | April 15, 2013


Upcoming foreign and indie releases.