Audiobooks from Block, Graves, Grecian, Keillor, & Schultz | Xpress Reviews


Matt Scudder tries to save a gangster’s daughter, Lizzie Snow moves to Bearkill, ME, Grecian’s Scotland Yard detective meets Jack the Ripper, Keillor and company celebrate two score years on the radio, history through the Mailer & Buckley

Fiction from Atkins, Block, Kramer, Moore, Wilson, & Debuter Pashley | Xpress Reviews


Quinn Colson in Mississippi, sexually graphic hard-boiled fiction from Block, Kramer’s very enjoyable read about a librarian, a darkly funny sequel from Moore, an unrelentingly gritty first novel, Wilson takes off at breakneck speed

Fiction Reviews | November 15, 2012


Reviews of Lawrence Block’s Hit Me, Lita Leganski’s The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow, and Elizabeth Hand’s Errantry, plus a full list of fiction reviews from the Nov. 15 issue.

Moustaches, Manuals & Making Magic Happen | Books for Dudes


Doug Lord discusses two categories of books worth reading.

More free Lawrence Block ebooks!!!

Block Sex Freebie

I received another email heads-up from Larry Block that he’s offer additional freebie ebook titles, which is damn generous of him. I’m passing it along to you with a Ctrl C/Ctrl V so you can see it in his own words: Meet John Warren Wells. It Won’t Cost You A Penny “Ah, hello there. As […]

More Lawrence Block Download Freebies


More Lawrence Block Download Freebies