E-Originals from Claire, James, and Kane, plus a Debut | Xpress Reviews


Chandler’s debut doesn’t quite meet the erotica mark; an addicted Hollywood star and her lover will be quite addictive; James’s novella settles some affairs, but A Gentleman Never Tells; fans of paranormal mysteries will enjoy Kane’s latest

A Fashionable Romance: Loretta Chase’s Silk Is for Seduction | RA Crossroads


In this column, the intersection of fashion and romance leads me down a winding path

The Art of Fitting In | Romance Reviews, February 15, 2016


Romances often deal with relevant social issues, and finding a place for oneself is a popular theme, as seen in several reviews below.

Historical Romance from Alexander, Gracie, & James, Paranormal from Owens, & More | Romance Reviews


Alexander’s Scandalous Adventures is a blithe and funny romp; a most unconventional Winter Bride; James’s Lady X reprises familiar characters; Owens is off to a spectacular start in a new series

Editors’ Spring Picks 2014


Fascinating histories, romances, crafty how-tos, memoirs, biographies, novels by old favorites and debut authors, and more are among the forthcoming Spring titles LJ editors don’t want you to miss.

Xpress Reviews: E-Originals | First Look at New Books, March 15, 2013


James revisits beloved characters, Merrow offers “inevitable tropes but in dynamically humorous ways,” and Ryan “presents a perfect example of a woman almost destroyed by the madman that is her husband”

Xpress Reviews: E-Originals | First Look at New Books, October 5, 2012


A spinoff from Eloisa James, some lusty cowboys, a new paranormal series from Sandy James, and Nancy Northcutt’s “Renegade,” “genre fiction at its best”

Romance Reviews, August 2012


Romance Reviews, August 2012