How To Mix Colors, Make Comics, Understand Knitting, Inspire Ideas, & More | Crafts & DIY Reviews

A guide to develop and sharpen color skills, easy-yet-elegant projects will appeal to holiday crafters, The Creative Woodturner pushes the envelope of traditional wood turning, a fun collection of holiday designs

Comic Book Art, Shaker Furniture, How To Crochet, Catification, & More | Arts & Crafts Reviews

Lavold’s fascinating exploration of the historical and cultural contexts behind Scandinavian cable knitting traditions is an essential addition to knitting collections, make your home cat-friendly without looking like a crazy cat person.

How To Get Unstuck, Dry Your Own Food, Weave, Mend, & More | Crafts & DIY Reviews

Creative Block is an ideal resource for any type of visually creative person working in any medium, Marrone covers drying your own food in painstaking detail, one of weaving’s greats imparts knowledge to a wider audience

How To Draw & Paint, Backyard Building with the Stiles, Quilt Color & Patterns, & More | Crafts & DIY Reviews

Just Paint It

Artists of all abilities can benefit from an entertaining Just Paint It!, the diversity of Riley’s projects will appeal to mixed-media crafters, the Stiles continue to provide great additions to building-project collections

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The best crafts & DIY from 2013.

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Crafts & DIY reviews from the August 2013 issue.

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Crafts & DIY Reviews | May 1, 2013

Reviews of The Essential A-Line: Make 17 Flirty Skirts from 1 Basic Pattern, Printing on Fabric: Techniques with Screens, Stencils, Inks, and Dyes, Image Transfer on Clay: Screen, Relief, Decal & Monoprint Techniques, plus a full list of crafts and DIY reviews in the May 1 issue.

Crafts & DIY Reviews | April 1, 2013

Reviews of Jenny Doh’s Creative Lettering, Christine Leech and Hannh Read-Baldrey’s Everything Oz, and Rich Finzer’s Maple on Tap, plus a full list of crafts & DIY reviews from the Apr. 1 issue.

Crafts & DIY Reviews | April 15, 2013

Reviews of Paul Scheckel’s Homeowner’s Energy Handbook, Judith Durant and Edie Eckman’s Crochet One-Skein Wonders, Alison Dupernex’s Knitting for the Absolute Beginner, plus a full list of crafts & DIY reviews from the Apr. 15 issue.