Fiction from Fierro, Hunt, Paretsky, Sykes, and Newcomer Torjussen | Xpress Reviews


Characters are as busy chewing the scenery as the moths are chewing leaves; another plus is Hunt’s vivid, pungent prose and racy dialog; Paretsky’s novels are never dull; recommended for those who enjoy Nancy Martin’s mysteries involving fashion and parties; Torjussen’s debut novel combines tightly wound suspense with an unfolding surprise ending

Fiction from Daniels, Kent, Richardson, and Rita, plus a Passel of Debuts | Xpress Reviews


Two new cowboy romance series; Cavanagh hits all the right notes with her characters; readers who enjoy Fiona Barton might want to try Kent; an oddly moving, often funny debut from Peterson; Rita’s follow-up holds high the value of female friendship; Shafrir’s debut is full of humor and layered in truth; a snapshot into the lives of ordinary Germans during World War II

On the Beach, in the Kitchen, on Death Row | What We’re Reading


The WWR skeleton crew discusses the contents of their beach bags and backpacks. This week we won’t need a bigger boat…

A Total Hot Mess of Bookage | Books for Dudes

Transylvania Detective Squad

The BFD picks of December include a detective novel set in the afterlife; a book of poetic short stories all about faraway conflicts; three nonfiction titles about teamwork, heroism, and how far being nice can get you; a lifelong Sasquatch hunt; and Matt Sumell’s wicked rockin’ debut novel.

Memory Lanes, Thriller Terrains, and Labor Pains | What We’re Reading


Library Journal and School Library Journal staffers talk about their post–Memorial Day, pre-BEA reading.

Xpress Reviews: Fiction | First Look at New Books, May 3, 2013


Fante’s fifth, two novels that make the most of the Roaring Twenties, and more from Roby’s Rev. Curtis Black series

Xpress Reviews: Fiction | First Look at New Books, April 12, 2013


Loverly lawyers from James, nothing’s easy for Easy Rawlins, and two very diverse debuts

Xpress Reviews: Fiction | First Look at New Books, March 22, 2013


Cyberpunk stories for Walking Dead enthusiasts, introducing a most unforgettable sleuth, a YA crossover debut dystopian novel

Xpress Reviews: Fiction | First Look at New Books, December 21, 2012


A new Dave Barry is “insane,” Basran’s debut displays beautifully constructed sentences, Chiaverini crafts an absorbing stand-alone historical, Downie reprieves Roman doctor Ruso, and Thomas knits an engrossing :Kashmir Shawl”

Xpress Reviews: Fiction | First Look at New Books, September 21, 2012


Fantasy based on the music of Rush, Linden concludes her latest trilogy, and an atmospheric first novel