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Bohjalian’s latest will captivate readers who crave an edge-of-your-seat page-turner; mystery fans will be looking forward to the next Dr. Harry Kent novel; a fun read for those who enjoy the lighter side of spy fiction; Murray’s bold historical is wise and good enough

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Bohjalian shines a light on the thousands of teens living in the shadows, Harkness weaves the intricate threads of vampire, witch, and demon lore, narrator Tara Hugo brings the 19th century to life as the voice of Elizabeth Bonaparte.

Q&A: Chris Bohjalian & Grace Blewer


Authors and narrators often develop close relationships over the course of a project, but Chris Bohjalian and Grace Blewer, the narrator of his recent novel, Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands, had quite a head start: they’re father and daughter.

Audio Reviews | October 15, 2013


Reviews of After Visiting Friends: A Son’s Story, Brazil, and The Light in the Ruins, plus a full list of Audio reviews from the October 15, 2013 issue.

Fiction Reviews | May 15, 2013


Reviews of The Weight of a Human Heart, The Hope Factory, The Light in the Ruins, plus a full list of titles from the May 15 issue.

Audio Reviews | December 2012


Reviews of Chris Bohjalian’s The Sandcastle Girls, Pierre Boulle’s Planet of the Apes, and Fanny Merkin’s Fifty Shames of Earl Grey, plus a full list of audiobook reviews from the Dec. issue.

Fiction Reviews, June 1, 2012


Fiction Reviews, June 1, 2012