Fast Five with Suzanne Toren


Getting to know narrator Suzanne Toren

Fast Five with Johnny Heller


What’s your favorite type of character/accent to narrate? I enjoy the Chicago accent, British accents and I much prefer noir characters. What was your favorite non-audiobook gig? A TV voice-over spot for Beggin’ Strips where my dog character says, “CHEWY!” Do you have any superstitions?  Never walk under a ladder holding a black cat named […]

Fast Five with Karen White

Photo credit: Colette Blonigan

Do you have any superstitions?  Whenever I get on an airplane, I have to give the plane a nice pat as I board, otherwise it might crash. My entire family does this. What was the first audiobook you narrated? A very gossipy book about the Kennedy family which is thankfully now out of print. Who […]

Fast Five with Robin Miles


What’s your favorite type of character or accent to narrate? Women warriors and spiritual characters. What was the first audiobook you narrated? This Just In  by Yolanda Joe. About how many audiobooks have you narrated? 350-plus. What is your favorite book/TV show/movie? My favorite book is Personal Recollections of St. Joan by Mark Twain. TV show: Dr. Who (the […]

Sister Act: Kristan Higgins and Her Narrators

Amy Rubinate

  Kristan Higgins, the author of If You Only Knew (HQN: Harlequin) recently had a virtual cup of coffee with the two narrators of the audio version of the book—Xe Sands, who reads Jenny’s chapters, and Amy Rubinate, who voices Jenny’s older sister, Rachel. Higgins asked the actors a few questions about the book and […]

Siren Songs | The Reader’s Shelf | November 15, 2012


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