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Citizen Canine

Citizen Canine belongs in all libraries, successful gardening starts with Improving Your Soil, natural history fans will love The Homing Instinct, an affectionate Owl Who Liked Sitting on Ceasar

Science & Technology Reviews | March 15, 2014


Reviews of Bruce Grierson’s What Makes Olga Run?, Jennifer Senior’s All Joy and No Fun, Andy Vernon’s The Plant Lover’s Guide to Dahlias, Steven Masley’s The 30-Day Heart Tune-Up, Cynthia Thaik’s Your Vibrant Heart, Anna Blessing’s Locally Brewed, Steve Hindy’s The Craft Beer Revolution, and a list of titles from the March 15 issue.

Science & Technology Reviews | February 15, 2014


Reviews of Patrick Dawson’s Vintage Beer: A Taster’s Guide to Brews That Improve over Time, Kevin Fong’s Extreme Medicine: How Exploration Transformed Medicine in the Twentieth Century, Elizabeth Kolbert’s The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History, and a list of titles from the February 15 issue.

Science & Technology Reviews | February 1, 2014


Reviews of Melinda Blau & Tracy Hogg’s Family Whispering, Alan de Queiroz’s The Monkey’s Voyage, David Lochbaum & others’s Fukushima: The Story of a Nuclear Disaster, and a list of titles from the February 1 issue.

Science & Technology Reviews | January 2014


Terry Golson and Ben Fink’s The Farmstead Egg Guide & Cookbook, Ruth Kassinger’s A Garden of Marvels: How We Discovered That Flowers Have Sex, Leaves Eat Air, and Other Secrets of Plants, Michael Tunick’s The Science of Cheese, and a list of science and technology reviews from the January issue

Science & Technology Reviews | April 1, 2013


Reviews of Stephen Leslie’s The New Horse-Powered Farm, Joseph Tychonievich’s Plant Breeding for the Home Gardener, and Philip Lieberman’s The unpredictable Species, plus a full list of science and technology reviews in the Apr. 1 issue.

Nonfiction Previews, Jun. 2013, Pt. 3: Of Hamlet, English Spelling, Italy by Rail, and More


Chopra, Aneesh. Big Small Smart: How American Government Can Accomplish More with Less Through Open Innovation, Collaboration, and Participation. Atlantic Monthly. Jun. 2013. 288p. ISBN 9780802121332. $25. POLITICAL SCIENCE As the federal government’s first chief technology officer, Chopra worked hard to help Americans through online means, bringing in everything from electronic records for veterans to […]

Science & Technology Reviews | November 1, 2012


Reviews of Gordon Conway’s One Billion Hungry, Con Slobodchikoff’s Chasing Doctor Doolittle, and William Souder’s On a Farther Shore, plus a full list of science & technology reviews from the Nov. 1 issue.

Barbara’s Picks, Apr. 2013, Pt. 4: Kate Atkinson, Philip Kerr, Michael Pollan


Atkinson, Kate. Life After Life. Reagan Arthur Bks: Little, Brown. Apr. 2013. 544p. ISBN 9780316176484. $27.99. LITERARY THRILLER Every time she writes, Atkinson writes something exciting and important. Her debut, Behind the Scenes at the Museum, won the Whitbread Book of the Year Award; best sellers like Started Early, Took My Dog give a whole […]

Science & Technology Reviews, June 15, 2012


Science & Technology Reviews, June 15, 2012

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