Reference eReviews | February 15, 2013

Bonnie Swoger reviews the Mendeley Institutional Edition database.

Reference eReviews | February 15, 2013

Cheryl LaGuardia reviews the database.

Reference eReviews | February 1, 2013

Queen Victoria

Reviews of the online databases Queen Victoria’s Journals and Career Transitions.

Reference: ereviews | January 2013

Reviews of The Gerritsen Collection of Aletta H. Jacobs and Defining Gender databases.

Reference: ereviews | December 2012

Reviews of Chelsea House Biographies Online and Thomson Reuters Data Citation Index.

eReviews A to Z Databases | November 15, 2012

A review of the business and marketing tools found in AtoZdatabases.

eReviews Oxford Scholarly Editions Online | November 15, 2012

A review of the “game-changing” collection, Oxford Scholarly Editions Online.

eReviews JSTOR | November 1, 2012

A review of the JSTOR database.

eReviews Sage Knowledge | November 1, 2012

Review of SAGE database.

eReviews | October 15, 2012

Reviews of Ancient and Medieval History Online, World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras, New Pauly Online, New Pauly Supplements Online, and Lectrix: Ancient Classics in a New Light from the Oct. 15 issue.

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